Sorry more (and final) 'Opinions please' post!

  1. Ok...
    Sorry everyone but I value your opinions.I wont post anymore 'opinions please' after this one..I promise!!!:rolleyes: The IF weave bag is a no-no! I didnt realise it was woven with velvet:yucky:

    I liked the woven look though and found this one by Cole Haan. I thought it looked nice for summer and its a good size for days out. The colour is listed as 'light gold'

    Yay...or nay???

    cole haan.jpg
  2. Yah for me!:smile:
  3. Oooh, I like that alot though I'm not so crazy about the color. How much?
  4. Kooba lover...there is also a black one. I have found one for $225 (£115)...
    Im leaning towards this one sooo bad!
  5. That's a cute summer bag.
  6. Thumbs up for that one!
  7. Yay!!!
  8. That's cute, and I have to say: There are probably more ladies than just me who love "opinion please" posts. Post as many as you want!
  9. Love *opinion please* seeing all the different bags posted... gives me ideas.
    I say YAY! to this bag also. I think it's a beautiful summer bag!!
    Congrats Halzer!!!
  10. Congrats Halzer ... it's a pretty bag, love the color! Can't wait for the modeling pics!
  11. I think it is a VERY nice bag. Congrats!
  12. :yes: