Sorry, ladies, I just need to rant!

  1. Last week I went to BV to buy the "Braided handle tote" in white and when I was admiring her an hour later in a cafe I noticed that she had 2 spots on each sides where a beige glue came out so I went back to exchange her but because they didn't have another one they had to order it.
    So yesterday BV called and said that the replacement bag is there and today I went to pick her up.
    This bag had the same problem not as bad as the first one but still on each side where glue marks so I told them that I don't want this and that I want a perfect bag or my money back.
    The SA told me that she can give me a voucher about the amount I paid for it or that I need to wait for her boss to come back next week because it's on her to decide if I get my money back.
    She even had the nerve to tell me that those little marks don't inflict the functionality of the bag and that they're just little beauty defaults.
    I'm so :cursing: and told her that I don't spend 1000€ for something that's not perfect.
    But anyway now I have to wait for the manager to come back next week.
    I'm already at the point where I don't want the bag anymore as it seems like a problem that all those white bags have and there isn't another BV bag I want right now.:crybaby: .
    I just want my money back and I really hope that they give me a refund without making to much problems.
    Here's it's the law that if an item has defaults the manufacturer has 3 times the chance to provide a perfect product and if he can't he has to give a refund.
    But I really hope that I don't have to remind them about this law or even worse fighting with them.
    I was really dissappointed about the crappy service they provided:sad:
    Sorry for the long post but I needed to get it out of my system!
  2. aww.. poor tanja! Hope you're able to fix this smoothly. I hate it when you feel like you have to fight for your money back when it's their fault they couldn't give a quality product to you!

    I definitely agree.. if you're plunking down 1000 euros.. it better be PERFECT!
  3. Tanja, that sounds bad. :sad: Was so looking forward to your bag. I hate bad service and attitude. Hope this could be resolve nicely. Good luck girl and do keep us posted.
  4. Just insist on getting your money back! You should be 100% happy with something you spend so much on. Let us know how their customer service is -- I believe high-end items have high-quality service built into the price (such as really good, accommodating waiters, etc. at expensive restaurants).
  5. Thank you, ladies, for your support!
    After the SA tried to convince me that it's just a minor fault I started to think that I'm the one who's to strict or paranoid but that's probaly what they want that I take the bag and shut up.
    I know myself those marks will always bother me and I'll see them every time I would use the bag.
    Good to hear that I'm not alone with my opinion that for that kind of money everything has to be perfect.
  6. Agree totally, their focus should be on meeting your needs (in this case, a bag without flaws!) and building a relationship -- they should want you to be a happy, returning customer. And so sorry that it has been an uphill battle for you, it should be fun to get a special new bag, not a hassle . . . hope it works out for you well and quickly!:yes:
  7. My heart really hurts for you on this one! I would be feeling the exact same way because little issues bother me like this one as well.

    Advice: Try to put the bag aside now and just relax, if possible. You have no choice, but to wait for management. I hope that this manager does feel that quality is important to the name and that imperfections should not be. This will definitely make an impression on you as to how they handle this regarding the brand. Hopefully, the manager is smart enough to realize this!

    I wish you the best and I am crossing my fingers.
  8. You should not have to deal with this! I hope the refund is given with no hassle. I would expect better from a high-end designer like BV. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  9. I just cant stand bad service especially at a designer boutique such as BV..its very disappointing!! I hope u get ur money back!!
  10. I trust they will do the right thing and refund your money. BV bags are known for their craftsmansip and that's why we don't mind spending the hefty price tag. However, we do expect the bags to be perfect. Stay firm in demanding a refund. Imperfections with these bags is unacceptable.
  11. Hang in there, Tanja!

    I hope this matter will be resolved without too much hassle on your part. I'm sure BV will stand by their workmanship and their bags.

    G'luck and keep us posted! :flowers:
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your experience Tanja!

    I also just bought a BV bag two weeks ago and after one week, some spots were getting white (mine is Limo color). I brought it back to the boutique and they'll call me this week to let me know what they can do. I'm also at a point where I just want a refund, but let's see what BV has to say about my defective bag.
  13. I feel with you, La Van.
    Bag buying should be fun and not such a hassle.
    This was the second defective bag they offered me so there seems to be something wrong with this colour.
    I really hope you get a refund or a perfect bag.
  14. Sorry to hear about that. You should get your $ back if they can't find you a perfect bag after two times. Glue defects are not beauty defects.

    That's why I hate shopping at boutiques. Most only give store credit for returns.
  15. Hope you get reimbursed... That's not great customer service is it?