1. :smile: i am sure most of you have gone to sleep by now and think i am a total flake i am SOSOSOSOSO sorry!!!

    I worked so many hours this week and was so tired after my shopping i couldnt keep my eyes open even 10 minutes to write this, and i didnt want to do a 1/2 assed job so here i am up from my loooong nap ready to tell you my trip

    Ok so i drove to HH in brooklyn ny, greenpoint to be exact not very hard to get to at all if you live anywhere near by and are thinking of going PM me i can tell you how to get there so easily! :smile:

    SOOOOO I found parking right away which was amazing because where i live there is no such thing , it takes me avg. like 45 minutes to park where i live

    anyway :smile:

    SO i went in and was nicely greeted by the sales associates

    I explained i had ordered something online and was there to pick it up and wanted to look around as well

    Toni then came up to me and introduced herself and told me what bags were what price (everything in the store was 50% off and there was a table with a few bags, charms, wallets that were 80% off)

    So this is where i made a plug for us :smile: I told her i was a member of the purse forum and all the girls were eagerly awaiting my report of the store

    she knew exactly what i was talking about she said, "oh those girls buy so much from us its so great that they love HH" :smile: She seemed very pleased !

    SO then i walked around decided what i was going to buy (i will get to that in a minute)

    and then wanted to ask her the questions i promised TREESRGREEN i would ask :smile:

    so the grey color that is coming is a very true grey, it is not a light light grey she said it is very accurate to the color on the website!!!

    Then i asked about the Yam color that is coming and she had a Yam colored bag there and so i was able to check it out and it is gorgeous :smile:

    i took 2 pictures one with my camera phone one with my sidekick neither is perfect but its giving an idea (and the purse has one of their new scarves on it too So cute!)

    The yam color is def that rich yummy roasted color def. not a bright orange color SO great for fall!

    and finally i took a picture of my hand next to one of the big wallets so you can see how big it is and pockets (this is the one with a turnlock on the front-could def hold a checkbook)

    Then there are a few pics of the store itself :smile:

    NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the most amazing part of my story!!!!!

    Toni herself invited me into the back of the store to see the design studios and offices and to see the new fall line AND the samples for the Spring 08 line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The spring 08 line is under secret wraps! i was the 1st outsider to ever see it and its top secret so i will not reveal anything tht i was told not to but i will say this AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Some of the most beautiful colors! (one called antracite my fav!) and some truly beautiful and fun metallics i cant wait for it to come out!

    And the new fall line that you can order now looks so beautiful in person the Ruby color is so sososososo beautiful! its rich and red and yum! and the yam! wow i couldnt get over it

    and the new style bag the Bungalow and the Tharpe are really so amazing they fit so nicely WOW! :smile:

    We talked about her ideas, she is an artist (a potter) and a lot of her style and color ideas come from her pottery and work in art, she is very inspired by the 60s.

    She was sosososo wonderful to talk to , so sweet i told her how we rant and rave about them and their Customer service and i told her how fantastic i think her website is cause i find it SO easy to navigate and so user friendly! :smile:

    i didnt get to try the Vargas so i cant say about the size,,

    overall i had a BLAST at the HH store and i plan to go back A LOT! :smile:

    SO what did i buy?

    i picked up my saddle havana which came with the tassle
    i bought the mercer satchel for 80% off!!!!!!
    and i bought the black birdie, the owl coin purse, the tree, the acorn and the mushroom (which she told me i had to buy cause it was so trippy and fun and she designed it so all the animals and trees and mushrooms were together in the forest :smile: so of course i had to get it hehe and its cute!)

    so my total for everyyyything came to about $240! :smile: ($80 for the saddle, $13 for the bird, $93 for the mercer and $36 for the rest of the charms and such)+tax which is SO hiigh in NY boo!

    :smile: SOOOOO there is my amazing day you can see why i wanted to spend time telling you about it ;) so here are pics and thanks for reading!!!





    (too bright it isnt this bright-above) below i think better


  2. [​IMG]







  3. [​IMG]
  4. :nuts: Bessie, you hit the jackpot! Wow!
    I'm so impressed by what you got and how you were treated. Congrats!

    You converted me and now I have to go there, too.

    I love the yam color!:tup:
  5. Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! Those clip ons are gorgeous and that Havana bag, wow!

  6. you totallly should go! :smile: I loved it hehe

    and the great thing about the sale is some stuff is better online but some of it, like the HAvanas in the more popular colors that like retail for $400 and are only marked down on the online sale to like $340 , are 50% off in the store so you can get them $200 and save $140 if you can get to the store :smile: So some stuff is DEF worth going to the store for :smile:

    AND AND I FORGOT! she told me there will be a sample sale coming sometime mid august on bleeker street :smile: thats all she could share but people on the mailing list will find out sooN! :smile:
  7. Thanks for sharing! I love all the charms that you got, they are all so cute!
  8. That was so cool! Thanks for sharing your experience. I love your bags and the charms that you picked!

    I finally received my second HH today, it was bought during the Big Bang sale (and yes it took forever to arrive since I live in Asia). It's the Mercer satchel in current and it's gorgeous!!! HH really pays attention to details and it shows in the finishing. I have 5 more bags on the way! Can't wait to get them.

    Edited: Bad grammar...
  9. Bessie! Very interesting evening for you (and for us getting to hear about it).. seems like the HH people are truly lovely! And the YAM is tdf!!!

    The Mercer that you got is Poppy Red? Did you, by any chance, see any bag on the magic table (that made 80% of the price disappear!) in Cobalt? I am obsessed with this shade of blue and I'm in Manhattan so I can def go there... Thanks so much!
  10. wow, thanks for the report! now i can't wait to go to the store myself. i love the acorn charm you got! it matches the saddle color havana perfectly. im so glad that Toni herself love the tpfers here, now i can't wait until the sample sale. :yahoo:
  11. Bessie - thanks so much for the report - and fighting off the long week to get it to us - def no sorrys needed.

    I am however being dragged away from my computer - but rest assured I will answer in more detail tomorrow.

    thx and sleep well
  12. Wow those look so soft & colorful, thanks for sharing!
  13. Bessie, you rock as always. I want to live in that store. Thanks so much for the report and the pictures, and I hope you enjoy your new purchases!
  14. Bessie...thank
  15. sorry...thank you thank you thank you. My purse ban is one colossal joke and will continue to be once these bags come out. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to give us the full report!