sorry, i'm still at it. navy patent jumbo or navy patent e/w? tia

  1. sorry, this girl wants everything but can never make up her mind...after purchasing the GST and the jumbo blk caviar, i'm stil craving for me! tks ladies
  2. The navy patent is so gorgeous and I like the Jumbo! :yes: (I've always preferred the rectangle shape of it.)
  3. but i just got a blk caviar jumbo, will i really be using both of them? i think i will end up favoring the caviar more becuae it's less maintenance
  4. I really like the e/w, but its not big enough for me.
    I carry alot of essentials I guess and a navy jumbo
    I love it
  5. oh, and honestly, part of it is the money too, the jumbo is 1895, while the e/w is 1195, after buying so many bags hte last couple months, i really need to be mindful of what i'm spending
  6. It sounds like you're already leaning towards the e/w in which case I think you should go for it. IMHO patent is pretty low-maintenance similar to caviar - both are pretty scratch-resistant. I love the patent navy in either case, can't wait to see which one you choose!! :heart:
  7. yeah i'm leaning towards e/w partly becuase of the price and partly beucase i don't have a e/w (i alreayd have the med and the jumbo clasic flap) but i don't want to make my deicsion based on the price, if i end up not using it then it's just wasted money, i may as well pay a bit more upfront to get something i will get more use out of.
  8. Hmm...can you get both, decide after handling them IRL, and then quickly return one before the bill is due?? :upsidedown:
  9. not an option since i'm in toronto, i dont' really return nor exchange, i have all my orders shipped to a friend who then ships it to me, it's way too much trouble to return or exchange something, so i have to be very sure what i want, returning/exchanging after i get them here is not really something i want to do. :sad:
  10. i like the jumbo ...get the jumbo!!
  11. :sad: That is tough. Well I am crossing my fingers that you make the right decision!! Either way, both are just absolutely stunning. Sorry, that doesn't really help...:push:
  12. I think the E/Ws are a lot cuter. I don't really like the hefty size of the jumbo, and I think especially in patent it might be a bit much... I'd go E/W for sure.
  13. jumbo gets my vote .....
  14. 4 to 5, it's pretty close. this is not helping, i wish i had hte money to buy both.
  15. I have the e/w in the navy patent, and I think it looks great with jeans, etc... the jumbo is really nice too, but since you have the black jumbo, assuming you don't carry a ton, the e/w might be a cute, smaller option. If you're primarily a big bag kinda girl, you might find the e/w too small for your needs... good luck deciding!! :smile: Jumbo, or e/w, you still get a hot bag in the end!