Sorry, I'm not buying anymore Goyards- my experience.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your experience. While I can't comment on St. Louis style (I don't own that style), the Goyards that I own are more structured: Sac Vendome, Okinawa ( a.k.a Marie Gallant), Marquis, and Monte Carlo clutch. I haven't noticed any "wear and tear." Maybe the structured styles hold up better than the totes? I've read a lot about handles cracking on St. Louis styles but not on any other Goyard bags. :smile:
  2. I have been quietly stalking the Goyard forum and from what I've seen with the St.Louis, I am mortified. 6 months is ridiculous... I guess the material is just really delicate compared to LV canvas
  3. Well, when you see the other styles of Goyard bags, they do have more reinforcing overall- the weekender has leather corners, the handbags have little wood bits to add strength to the base of the handles.

    Maybe it is just the St. Louis style- which they really mean it to just be a 'shopper'- as in it's so smooshy I can keep it rolled up in my purse and use it instead of a plastic sac for groceries. Anyway, I will still keep mine/love it/use it, but I just had to share my experience. Pics will come later.
  4. thank you- i can't wait to see how yours looks with the reinforced corners.

    i love mine and intend to keep using it a lot and if i need to reinforce the corners i will. i wish it was indestructible but i don't have a problem it it isn't.
  5. Hi,

    I agree. I was just looking at my St. Louis red sac I bought 6 months?? ago and it's wrinkled in some places. I have to keep scarves in there to help keep the shape, and prevent those permanent wrinkles.

    Anyhow, I was planning on getting a black goyard, but I just don't think it's worth it. I live in Paris, so I see other moms with older Goyards. The older they get, the more flexible they become, so flexible that they actually take the shape of a regular canvas sac (yeah, they are canvas after all), and don't look so pretty.
  6. Wow. after reading what you posted making me think twice about getting goyard.

    i only came across this brand early this year and love it. and been looking at it on ebay. but just didnt know which to get since theres a lot of fakes out there!

    So from what i read, the st louis is not good to use as a everyday bag? it sounded really fragile. Maybe i should go for Louis Vuitton Neverfull. lol :smile:
  7. I have had my navy St Louis GM going on two years and although the canvas has softened, the handles are fine, no sealant cracking issues; I store it stuffed out of the dustbag when not in use. The handles no longer stand up perfectly straight but I never force them down into the bag and every so often use leather conditioner to keep them supple. I still love this bag and it always receives compliments when worn.
  8. Same as there I have St. Louis pm in two years now but it looks perfect still maybe it's the way how to used our bag..:smile:
  9. Another Parisienne friend told me that sometimes they may get another manufacturer and so perhaps quality between batches might be uneven. I don't know.

    I got my bag back and they did a good job with the corners, great leather- circles sewn into the corner shape, almost like my bag is wearing pasties. Lol.
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