Sorry, I'm not buying anymore Goyards- my experience.

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  1. Like the rest of you, I will pay for good quality and design. I don't completely baby my bags, but I don't throw them around either, and they all seem to be in good condition.

    Paris- In October, I bought my St. Louis GM. Loved it, enjoyed its lightness, used it as my shopper, and thought about getting other Goyards or how to customize my bag down the road. After all, isn't that what they encourage?

    In April I start to notice that the plastic (or whatever) coating on the canvas is starting to wear thin just at the fold/bottom edge of one corner. My bag is only 6 months old. Seriously? Thin like- you just see canvas. No more coloration.

    So I happen to be back in Paris, and went to the boutique today, thinking that maybe my bag was defective, or maybe they would fix it for me. The salesman (who was very nice and could probably charm the pants off of a snake with the accent and the suit and etc....) wove in the stories and words of Goyard and 'tradition' and 'natural materials' and 'not mass produced like a popular brand' and yadda yadda and before you know it *I* was handing over my credit card to pay 150 Euros to have leather corners put on my 6 MONTH OLD bag. He did say that my straps/handles were in good condition... and I was like.... well, yeah, i'm not mean to it and it's only SIX months old. (Well, I do love my bag, I love the pattern and I love NOT seeing it everywhere.... but it wasn't until after dinner tonight that I was like .... Srsly, WTF?!?!?)

    While we were talking about reinforcing the corners I asked about the other customizations I wanted done to my bag, mainly snaps on the sides or a strap to cinch the sides? (Yes, I know it's like the LV bag, but you know what? It just makes sense.... it's nice to have that option on a $$$ bag instead of ME manually folding in the corners myself when it's not full). Even if I pay extra for it? And they guy said, sorry, no, they wouldn't do that.... it's meant to be a shopper and have the shape of a shopper. They would only put ONE snap in the middle of the top if I didn't like how the top gaped open.

    Then I looked at the paint colors and it just got to be too much... too many options, too much time in the store already, too much $ for too little upside, and then I desperately needed a glass of wine. The guy told me it's better to have it painted sooner rather than later b/c the canvas gets softer and more of a 'shine' or a patina. (This about makes me ready to shellac the damn thing myself next time.)

    I did try on the new gray Goyardine St Louis and before I had this total experience I even toyed with the idea of getting it one day. But no. Goyard is not going to get any more of my business. I bet a fake bag would last even longer than this. I want to love the brand so much, but it's just ridiculous.
  2. sorry about your experience. i hope the leather corners do the trick although they should not be necessary on an almost new bag.
  3. Thanks Annie, I hope so too. I love using it and have many happy memories with it.

    I don't mind paying $ for quality... but I guess with Goyard its more like- how much do you want to pay for exclusivity? I just got annoyed b/c everywhere I look everyone says Goyard=Quality in the same breath.... and it just doesn't seem to be the case for me.
  4. i know what you mean and i do agree. on the other hand i love using my st louis gm. it is so light and fun. when i sent my gray one in for personalizing i got a navy one so i didn't have to be without it. i figure i'll use the gray in the summer and the navy in the winter.

    i totally understand your frustration and the leather corners should not have been necessary but i bet it will look amazing and hope you will still enjoy your tote.
  5. Makes you wonder sometimes if we are merely paying for QUALITY or just EXCLUSIVITY/BRAND, in an ideal world, it should be both.
  6. More importantly nielnielniel, why isn't the brand focusing on the quality? I don't have a Goyard and I've mentioned several times that I would like to get one but everytime I see a post like this from someone, my St. Louis goes to the bottom of my wish list.

    Let's face it: isn't it strange that a brand that "doesn't mass produce" doesn't have the best quality products coming off their product line? Those items are supposed to be checked more thoroughly than the so-called frowned upon "mass produced" items, correct? I know that everyone doesn't have a bad Goyard experience but I have yet to see someone who has being taken care of by the company, without having to shell out more money in the process.
  7. I have heard that they never repair their bags for free. I am sure that they have defective ones. I also read that they do not mind if someone says that theirs is defective because the type of customer would just buy another one.

    This makes me sad because I AM getting one sometimes next month or before the summer is up. Is it where you keep the bag folded up when it is not in use? What color is it that you have? I want to get the Black/Tan GM one.

    It is nice that they offered to "enhance" some of your bag....even with a lousy snap.

    Sorry this happened to you!!!!!!!! Reveal I want to see the new coners!
  8. all honesty. they have sooo many stores world wide now. in all corners of this planet.
    its not like they dont mass produce. they just dont mass produce their bags in comparable numbers to other brands but they produce them in masses nontheless.

    on the other hand ppl have to understand that paying a lot of money for a bag does not keep it from wearing. and coated canvas can only hold up that long. no matter the price.

    its not a quality issue per se, it's just the material I'm afraid
  9. Yes, the material is very supple... but 6 months of wear is nothing.

    I think my disappointment with the 'customization' is since they are supposed to be a haute luggage maker, is that I am more interested in customizing my bag to make it more functional for ME, but they just kept saying 'No, sorry'. Meanwhile, they have tons of paint color samples, and some of the combinations were quite ugly, and they don't care if I want to put tons of any colored stripes/stars/initials on the outside of the bag, but meanwhile, I can't make my bag more livable in subtle ways, and I am there in person in the boutique asking nicely, speaking in French???
  10. I understand what you are saying now. Maybe had it been a MTO from the get go things would be different.But as you use the bag you have to find out what is good/functional for you.

    I think maybe that they focus on "customization" of the colors and the lettering and the stripes that they try to "defer" you from actually changing the style of what they offer you.
  11. You would think that the 'corner' option would be a part of the design
  12. true...
  13. I have had a similar experience with Goyard and have decided to invest my money in more timeless luxury pieces that LAST. I wore mine for a year and it looked WAY older than the Hermes Evelyne I had carried for a year... not okay for the price you pay.
  14. Oh my goodness! I was thinking of getting one.
    Thanks for sharing your experience~
  15. Similar experience for me too... After about 6 months of occassional use, I started seeing wear on the corners. A couple of years later, I barely use the bag as a result of being too scared to and yet I still have so much wear on one corner that there's an actual hole there. As in, straight through. You can tell I don't use the bag much because the straps and everything else are just in perfect condition.

    I'm so disappointed in the quality. I've thought about paying to get it repaired but honestly, I just don't want to give them anymore of my money.
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