Sorry I'm late! *PICS*

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  1. I am so happy that the Miroir line has finally launched! Unfortunately, I am only able to share a few of my Miroir items with the board (for personal reasons) but I can say that I am very pleased with my new acquisitions.

  2. OMG what a haul! They look fabulous!! Love the pochette!
  3. LOVELY! VERY VERY VERY beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Congrats Mich! :yahoo: Love the whole package!
  5. gorgeous bags! now, we need to see some modeling pics. :smile:
  6. Beautiful:love:
  7. That's hot!
  8. You made me liking miroir line...
    Silver and gold looked very good together. :drool::drool:
  9. Love them!!
    I should have mine by the end of the weekend! :heart:
  10. U mean you have more!!!

    show!!! please!
  11. Wowzas, congrats Michelle :yahoo:. They're pretty :smile:
  12. Aww Rebecca! I hear that some stores can't sell their bags until Wednesday; how weird. I can't wait until you get them! : )
  13. Hey Congrats Michelle!
    They're Gorgeous!!:drool:
  14. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  15. Congrats Michelle!!!
    Really Fabulous!