Sorry if too personal...but how did you first "know" you were pregnant?

  1. Just wondering...and I'm more asking about before you took the test. Or did you not know until you took it?
  2. I was peeing constantly. i was even waking up in the middle of the night just to go pee.
  3. I had the strangest sense of being pregnant. One day I had a really stuffed up nose, and instantly thought before taking anything I should take a pregnancy test. Don't know why I this thought came to my mind, I was even late yet. But when I took the pregnancy test, sure enough I was pregnant.
    Imagine the beginnings of PMS, sore breasts, a little emotional, tired, having to pee a lot, but it just keeps going. Add to that a little nausea for many women and well that is usually a pretty good indicator. The best indication, no period. I would definitely take a test if you suspect you are.
  4. Both times, my breasts were extremely sensitive...even before I took the test.
  5. upset stomach and no interest in food. for some reach I knew before taking the test.
  6. Nausea and tender breasts.
    and just a " feeling".
  7. I don't know how typical I am, but I didn't know until pushed to take a pregnancy test.
  8. Peeing a lot, missed period :smile:
  9. Ditto. I had the above symptions and then I got a really light period. I called my Dr's office because I thought I was in early menopause and they said to take a pregnancy test. Lo and behold I was pregnant.

    So if you get a "light" period make sure you take the test. I had spotting on the days of my cycle for several months of my pregnancy. Not exactly normal but not that uncommon either.
  10. I would wake up sweating in the middle of the night, both times. I'm usually cold all the time.
  11. Tired & a little for some reason, the pregnancy tests were always negative until I was almost a week late. I keep buying & taking them because I just had that "feeling" as others stated..
  12. First time - didn't have a clue for three months. Wasn't unusual for me not to get a period for that long.

    Second time - leaning over the bathtub giving my daughter a bath and my boobs were killing me. Decided to take a preg. test

    Third time - had a hangover that lasted for a week. Figured that was too long for a hangover, took a test.
  13. Took the test bec I was late....
    funny story though bec usually when I was a few days late I would totally freak out convinced that I was pregnant - and never was.
    This time I was like - no way I am pregnant - and surely was.
  14. You can still get a period when you're pregnant? That seems so unfair!:wtf:
    BTW I am now convinced I'm not so maybe next month. I just didn't want to waste a test:shame: ...and I love all of the anecdotes here, keep 'em coming please! It's so interesting how no two people have the same experience!
  15. I haven't been pregnant, but thought I would add a bit of info- my mom had 4 kids, and with each of us she could tell in her breasts, they were VERY sensitive she says.

    Are you hoping to be pregnant? :shame: