Sorry if this was asked!

  1. I have noticed you all talking about the fall violet colour. I wondered are there any pics of it???:smile:
  2. [​IMG]This is the only pic I have ever seen - any others out there? I loooooove this color!!!
  3. I haven't really seen one yet for the new violet color....thanks allyboobop for posting this looks so much like eggplant....WOW, I WANT IT TOO~~~
  4. Ahh that does look cute!!!
  5. wow, that's such a pretty color!!
  6. From the pic, it's very much like an Ultraviolet...
    intense and bright...
    I bet it will be gorgeous
  7. Here are pics from the trunk show thread.
    violet.jpg violet2.jpg violet3.jpg violet4.jpg
  8. in dim light it looks a lot like ink to me! very nice saturated color tho. more saturated than ink.