Sorry if this offends any Paris Hilton Lovers...

  1. <font color="blue">I don't know if any of you caught this, but I thought it was fashion suicide! :yucky: And, I know Paris has had a few fashion mishaps in the past. But, this is just wrong - On so many different levels!
    I mean, either her stylist is mad at her, or she's not paying her enough!!!</font> :true:
  2. Damn... I thought you could use html - guess I was wrong, oh well! Anyhow - sorry for the extra small pic, but you can only have a file the size of a peanut on here, so... this is the best I could do. In case you van't tell everything from her hairband, & sunglasses are pink. But, for some reason has on these nasty black sneakers??? UGLY!
  3. the picture is too small...and I can't really see any of the details on her outfit or on her.
  4. Actually, you can post pretty massive photos here. . . their file size just needs to be small. I post big screen size pics all the time;)
  5. Yeah, but I couldn't shrink the file is what I meant. I'm not really talking about the details... Just that every single thing she has on it PINK!!! And the mag is right, she looks like the pink panther! haha
  6. cant see the pic really clearly either..
  7. I have the magazine with that same pic of her in the pink outfit. My fav color is pink, but she overdid it. Especially the pink bag. If she chose a black purse, maybe it wouldn't be so bad IMO.
  8. That's Funny!
  9. So much little mind.
  10. team paris... haha
  11. thats not hot!:rolleyes:
  12. She looks like a pepto bottle
  13. ^^ Guuu I hate pepto!
  14. I know right? That stuff is supposed to make you NOT sick, but the taste makes me want to VOMIT! LOL Much like Paris' outfit! HEE HEEE
  15. Paris dresses really tacky about 75 percent of the time IMO .