Sorry if this is a dumb question re Karen Kooper

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  1. Lol I know! She's the greatest.
  2. KK gets a lot of swag... working in her field, you get a lot of swag. sometimes, double or triple of the same thing. if i were to meet her, i'd be in star-shock. and living in oc, so close to actual celebs, i don't even get star-shock. haha.
  3. Fun facts:
    -The press gets a bag about a month before each runway:

    +For the S/S '05 it was the Lizard Cerises Pochette.

    +For the F/W '07 Squitchy Bag, for the SS07 a TDF cabas like the LVOE one but instead of having the LVOE letters there is a cut Speedy incrusted. This bag was supposed to be released but they decided at the last moment not to put it on the runway.

    -The press also gets Christmas gifts. Last year it was the Petit Noe Epi Mocha with gunmetal hardware. This year it was the Miroir Silver Speedy, with only a few lucky enough to receive it.

    -There is a range of different products especially created for 'Best Client' and/or to resolve problems. Baguettes Chinoises, Bougies de Voyages, Incenses de Voyages, Bookmark, Night Flight Kit... They created this line of products to avoid having to give a discount on an item currently retailing in the store. It's 2 totally different budgets. It's also in order to maintain an easy management of the inventory.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.