Sorry if this is a dumb question re Karen Kooper

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  1. Am I right in understanding that EVERTHING on her website is authentic?

    I have my eyes on an Epi black speedy 25.

  2. Yes authentic, expensive and I understand her services are wonderful. I Love her website.
  3. Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated!
  4. Authentic.
  5. she has superb customer service also
  6. I also have a dumb question: how is it that everything she sells is authentic? and how must she obtain the merchandise that she sells on her website?

    I gathered that she is an lv VIP, and items that she buys (or receives) she resells at a profit.

    do you suppose this is true?

    the reason why I ask these anxious questions is that I am interested in two bags she has on her sight right now: the cerise pochette with lizard accent, and the mint condition graffiti speedy.

  7. I can't answer your Qs but I did email her asking her about authenticity and here sources needless to say she told me they were authentic but didn't reveal her sources!!!!
  8. Karen sells 100% authentic stuff.She is part of the press and gets some pieces free, while others, she pays herself and resells it. ;)
  9. :wtf:

    What a fabulous position for one to be in!
  10. She is definetly authentic! I seriously don't think you should worry about her! It's better to buy from her than ebay! Anyways, yup, she is a VIP and part of the press!
  11. what is the link to get to her site?
  12. I love this woman! She gives THE best customer services! Very reliable individual!
  13. And she's SO sweet and helpful! :yes:
  14. A very helpful person that gives me SOOO much info. :heart:.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.