Sorry if this has been posted. Lots of Perf on elux

  1. Speedy, Cles, Pochette etc
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. i saw that too?? whats going on?
  4. i just saw that earlier today while browsing... i wish they had a pochette or cles in fuchsia, but i can live with the orange, i guess.

    thanks for sharing.
  5. i love the updates!
  6. 866 said they're being re-released. San Fran and NY boutiques confirmed it.
  7. thats odd, when I lived in CA , LV SCP said the Perf line was the worst selling LV line ever. People bought the Speedy and then returned it. They said the Pink sold okay and the other colors didnt sell well. I personally bought the entire pink line and then returned it all a week later. Something about holes in my bag I didnt like...last year they said they were reissuing the Cerise line too and that never happened. (still have my whole line and it sits unused, better start using it I guess!)
  8. Maybe because of the prices? :shrugs:

    They are awfully cute, but the prices are a bit prohibative, especially because they look quite similar to regular Mono bags. Well not totally similar, but... at a glance...
  9. ^It's definently being re-released, in small quantities. As I posted in another thread, I was reading threads on the perfo and Saks called and and they had a green perfo musette in for me that I had inquired about. After reading your post, I'm wondering about it, too.