sorry if this has been asked..

  1. I think it's a monogram print with a lace overlay.
  2. So its pieces of lace on it?? I think I've heard of this..I probably won't like it. :sad:
  3. Wouldn't it be more like a silkscreen like the graffitti?
  4. I really have no idea. Even in person, you really can't tell from the pictures. But something would definitely have to be put over the lace so it didn't snag. Ugh it'd look horrible if it started to snag all over the place lol.
  5. I can't tell either, but I'm assuming that it's a real piece of lace on top of the canvas, otherwise, wouldn't the silk screened canvas look really messy? lol...iono just a thought
  6. ugh... Then it's definitely not worth considering due to the hard canvas with real lace overlay.
  7. To be honest, I dont really like any of these bags with this lace look. They look old fashioned. Maybe I will like them IRL but atm I hate them.
  8. ^hehe... You are definitely hard to please.