Sorry if I sound dumb...r/o

  1. Just wondering what major credit cards Hermes accepts. Neiman Marcus does not accpet Visa, that is why I'm asking. Thanks.
  2. omg they don't take visa......well better get an amex soon!!
  3. NM doesn't take Visa or MC, but Hermes takes Visa. I use my Visa there all the time.
  4. I've used Visa and MC at Hermes. :yes:
  5. From my experience, if you've NEVER shopped with Hermes before AND you're buying a bag over the phone, most likely they'd want you to pay with an AMEX. That was my experience in buying my first bag - a Bolide. Due to the fact that I didn't have an AMEX, they eventually relented and did a store transfer to a nearby boutique where I can go in person and paid by MasterCard or Visa. However, if you have already shopped at the store and you needed to buy a bag over the phone, you CAN pay by Visa or Mastercard.
  6. Thanks for the clarification!!
  7. Well, I might sound even dumber, but here goes: does Hermes take personal checks?
  8. I don't think so. But I've never tried. Someone else may know for sure.
  9. I've paid with both Visa and Amex both over the phone and in-store at Hermes. I don't believe they would take personal checks because I know they don't take debit cards. However, if you have enough funds to write a check, you should have funds to withdraw cash or get traveler's checks, and I'm sure Hermes accepts those.
  10. Do you have a Visa Check Card? Anyone who has a checking account should get one. It's not another credit card (some people think it is a Credit Card), it comes straight out of your account. You have to check your bank to see what your daily limit is, but with most major banks it's pretty high.
  11. I don't have one because I have my debit card, which seems to serve the same purpose. I'm not sure Hermes takes the Visa Check Card, since they seem so similar to debit cards, and I've been told they don't accept those. And even if they did, I wouldn't use mine because it's so hard to dispute a charge on a debit card (because the funds are withdrawn so quickly), and since almost nothing at Hermes costs less than $500, I'd make sure to make only purchases I need to dispute, should I ever need to.
  12. Visa Check Card = Visa. If you have a debit card, you should upgrade to Visa because you're probably getting charged if you use your debit card in a store. I use my check card everywhere including Hermes. They don't say anything and don't let anyone tell you that they are looking at your check card and saying it's a check card and we don't accept them. It's Visa just like any other Visa. People have all these fears with Check Cards when they really need to talk to someone in their financial institution about the benefits of having one.

    Things do cost less than 500 dollars at Hermes, but if you're looking to buy a bag, I always recommend using a credit card.
  13. They took my Visa!
  14. I'm not looking to get into an argument here:heart: , but I feel like I need to answer this. Most debit cards can be rung up as credit cards (the major banks allow this option). That's how I use them to avoid the use fee. I just call them debit cards because, essentially, what they do is debit your checking account.

    Also, I said ALMOST nothing costs less than $500 at Hermes. I visit the Beverly Hills Hermes every week and patronize another one frequently, and I've definitely bought shoes and RTW that cost less than that. I admit that I may have exaggerated to make my point, but just a little:shame:
  15. You took what I said wrong. I didn't get an attitude and it wasn't meant to be take that way. I was speaking to the group as a whole and you took it as a direct hit to yourself. Until next week, I work in a financial institution branch. I'm enlightening everyone here.

    If you have a checking account or Money Market account you should have a check card (the card with the Visa or MC logo on it). A debit card is a card without a Visa or MC logo on it and can only be used with a pin number (most people who have these are people who only have savings accounts). Not only to use, but for identification purposes if you don't already have a credit card (which believe it or not where I work at the moment, not many people have a credit card).

    I'm not going to continue my rant on check cards because I could keep going and I think it's pointless. People who write checks will keep writing them until they become obsolete.