Sorry I need to vent - I am disappointed in both Chanel and Ebay


More is more
Mar 4, 2007
I am relocating soon, so I took pictures of a couple of Chanel bags I want to sell before I move (I love them but really cannot bring so many with me). Guess what, when I was listing today, I got this message from Ebay that I am not allowed to list more than two Chanel items at a time. The restriction is as a result of their efforts to fight conterfeits. Nice. I never knew this rule existed. I have a lot of Chanel stuff, all authentic of course, and selling two at a time won't work for me since I only have a month to wrap up. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that Ebay won't pull my auctions off -- I have heard stories that they pull legitimate autions off asking seller to submit proof of authenticity.

Is it so hard to have someone police Chanel items on Ebay? I bought from Ebay before myself so I know there are only handful Chanel items listed each day (in Bags section), and it is not that hard to spot a fake!! Even I was able to look at a day's new listings for just half hour, equipped with the nice authenticity tips learned here. Why can't Ebay and Chanel work toghether to scan all Chanel items listed each day and send potential scammers emails asking them for proof? Why ban legit people from listing as well? The message from Ebay is simply "We cannot tell real from fake so we simply won't allow you to list".

Also, on Chanel.. I have read the statements from Chanel before on second hand market. Their attitude is "just buy from the authorized retailer or Chanel boutique". And the feeling I got from reading their letter is that they look down on people who buy from Ebay since they are little people who cannot afford to go into the big store. They are on their own when it comes to buying a real Chanel.

But please don't forget, a healthy second hand market is a good thing for your brand because people feel free to buy whatever they want to begin with, knowing they can resell it later. To discourage second hand market by restricting people selling just doesn't work! From now on, I will think really hard before I make any Chanel purchase anymore. I can't deal with the Ebay headache. Not mentioning the huge fees imposed by Ebay and Paypal toghether.

Oh, harley, if you read this post, thanks again for your kind help. I should have listened to you not trying to sell before the move. I was trying to sell some of them to avoid leaving them with the movers. :sweatdrop: