Sorry gotta ask this... Abbrevitions is it called that?

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  1. Can't find a thread about it and had no answers in "general chad thread"..

    Please enlighten me!!!
    Whats all the shortened Louboutin (and tPF) therms???

  2. Just abbreviations.
    CL is Christian Louboutin
    DH is dearest husband
    MBB is Madame Butterfly Bootie, a style of shoe
    A lot of the shoe styles are abbreviated. It just takes time to learn and don't be afraid to ask!!
  3. Thanks .. Ahh dearest husband.. So dbf is dearest boyfriend then? I'll ask when I'm totally gone ;0)
  4. TIA - thanks in advance
    HTH - happy to help
    VP - very Prive
    HP - hyper Prive
    AD - altadama
    Piggies/piggy - pigalle

    Trying to think of I use any other abbreviations. There are so many!

  5. Thanks ... :smile:

    Found these:

    CC. ??
  6. Sales associate. Credit card?
  7. I thought there was already a thread somewhere for abbreviations? Maybe I'm mistaken?

    UGH - Ultimate Holy Grail
    DIY - Do it yourself
    RAOK - Random act of kindness (anyone doing this again? LOL)
    LP - Lady Peep
    MM - Mad Marta
    OBO - Or best offer
    BIN - Buy it now (price)

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope that helps!~
  8. My faves that I learned here:

    IRL In Real Life
    TTS True to Size (ie, a shoe size 38 is actually a 38! what a concept!)
    TTC Trying to Conceive
    TDF is To Die For
    BFF I think is Best Friends Forever
  9. THANK YOU :0)

    Awesome...!! I see things more clearly now ha ha :0)
  10. #10 Sep 17, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2012
    I see people use UGH me think I was getting it wrong by using the UHG!
    Which way is it supposed to go as I see alot of siggy's with UGH

    LP= Lady Peep
    MBP= Madame Butterfly Peep
    HT= High Tina (saw this somewhere)
    Daffs= Daffodils
    LD= Lady Daff
    LH= Lady Highness
    LG= Lady Gres
    OP= Original Poster (I think??)
    DS= Darling son or sister
    DD= Darling daughter
    HTH= Hope that helps
    TIA= Thanks in advance
    TY= Thank you
    TBH= To be honest
    NAP= Net-A-Porter
    HN= Harvey Nichols
    IMHO= In my Honest opinion
    GL= Good Luck
  11. HAHAH you are so right. That was totally my bad... I do that same thing. It's supposed to be UHG
  12. I quess this thread helps more than me :0) Perfect!!! And I'm learning...!!
  13. No no I see it here quite often I thought I was getting it wrong or it was an American way/preference of abbreviating it!
  14. IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
    IM(H)O = In My (Humble) Opinion
    NP = No Problem
  15. LOL! You're on a roll today! ;)
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