sorry for this STUPID question...

  1. hello sorry for asking this but ive been trying to view the bbags at but for some reason, i haven't been able to find them on the website?! yes i know, stupid stupid question, but now im just going to have to ask for help. i would really appreciate it if somebody can lead me to them pls.....thank you sooooo much!
  2. I think aloha rag does not post their bbag stock. You have to call or email them and ask what they have in stock
  3. Hello - I have also been trying to see if they still stock B Bags and cant see that they still stock them.......i have sent an email to ask and will post the response................I am also trying to find out if B. bags are stocked anywhere else in Hawaii.....please let me know if you find out........thanks so much
  4. anufangava.....thanks a lot. i should've thought of that but didnt. i will go ahead and email them then. thanks again!!!
  5. Aloha Rag doesn't post their Balenciaga stock online anymore. I think that is because Balenciaga doesn't allow to post pictures online. You should just email them and ask for their current stock. If you do have any specific color in mind, if they carry the style and color, they will be happy to send you the picture for your reference if you asked them. The only retail store that posted Balenciaga bags online is
  6. What, you were thinking you could just go online, click on a bag and purchase it....or at least look at pics of what's in stock!?!? What a concept!!

    Irritating, isn't it?

    But I guess that adds to the mystique of the Bbag... ;)
  7. Glad to help, Guccilove. :smile:
  8. Yes, you must email them and they'll email you a pdf so you can open the file and view their b stock. They place those item in such exclusiveness, that have to contact them. The email is
  9. gallicaroses, flatflux, and faircherie--- ya ill just email them.....i guess bbags are special that way huh! thanks a lot for the help!
  10. If you email them... they are pretty quick to respond (i.e. within 24 hours). There is a thread on here about how to order from them.... its actually very helpful. Do a search for AlohaRag in the shopping forum and it will probably come up. :smile: