Sorry for the bore...Maxi Twiggy ? Velo ? Folk ?

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I should get a...

  1. Maxi Twiggy!

  2. Velo RH!

  3. Folk!

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  1. #1 Oct 20, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2010
    Sorry ladies if this is yet another indecisive thread. But I'll feel bad if I just hijack somebody's thread for my question and I also wanna insert a poll. I am looking for an all-rounder bag that I can use with AND without the kids around. I dont need a huge bag like a courier or even a work. Basically the capacity of a city will do. With a crossbody strap & looks good in BLACK. Black reason being no worries of colour transfer since this is going to be a rough it out bag.

    I have 3 choices in mind. But cos I have no friends who own such shapes, hence I do not have actual feedbacks about them. I am 5.5ft. Please help to poll to help me make a choice! :salute:

    What I have now are cities, twiggies & town & first.

    Once again, apologies if this is yet another boring thread! :P

    :ty: :ty: :ty:
  2. I am thinking maybe the Folk would work for you. I have been reading about it on another thread and it sounds like a great bag - thinking of getting one myself!
  3. I think the Folk is great but I voted Velo because you can get into it with one hand, without having to worry about a flap, and the handles would allow you to wear it without the strap for less casual occasions. On the other hand, the Folk lays flatter which I love since it doesn't have the handles. Sorry this probably raises more questions than it answers!
  4. Wow its a tie for all 3 now! Thanks ladies, keep the votes coming! :yahoo:

    hedy devine: What colour are you getting? The blacks in my local store are very light. They looked like anthracite! And their anthra has a very green undertone. :sad:

    cali_to_ny: I like the Velo for its structured frame that is so similiar to my favourite city. And like what you've said, I can use the handles on days w/o kids. My only concern is the long handles. They seemed very long for a 5.5ft me..... i tried all 3 styles in my local store and still couldnt come to a decision! If I do get a velo, i will seriously consider going to the cobber to get it shortened to the length of the maxi twiggy.....
  5. I voted for the Velo! I think it's the most versatile and practical of the three! Plus I think it's a bit more classic Bal style as well!
  6. I will suggest Maxi Twiggy! Maxi lovers will know why! :greengrin:
  7. I voted for the folk but also think the maxi twiggy is a good bag that can be used with or without the kids. I know another TPFer got a maxi twiggy and uses it with her kids items and loves it!!!
  8. I voted velo. I like that it's still structured but very casual. It holds more than a city but it doesn't look overly large. I will say that I have only used the shoulder strap a handful of times, I usually carry it by the handles so the length of the strap doesn't bother me at all(I'm 5'3" & extra large). Every time I see the pic of Rumor Willis with her sea foam velo I just love it more hers is way more broken in than mine is hers has the perfect slouch. However if you plan on using the shoulder strap on it a lot than maybe this isn't the style for you since you feel the shoulder strap is too long. I'd hate to think about spending more money on a Bbag with as much as they cost in the first place just to get it to "fit" you for the shoulder strap length, JMO. Granted it wouldn't be that expensive to have a cobbler shorten it but it is a additional cost for you to incur. Unless you have a netural color(like black or anthra) that you could match color wise with something you already have and swap shoulder straps with to make it the right length for you.

    I think the folk is cute but I just don't like having to deal with a flap every time I want to go in and out of my bag, just my personal preference. Some people love flap bags.

    I can't comment on the maxi twiggy because I've never seen one IRL.
  9. Not a boring thread at all. You must know by now we all have our favourite styles and love to share why!

    Maxi Twiggy for your needs and your height. I tried it last week, love it, and am now waiting for a Maxi Twiggy in the right colour and hardware combination to arrive... next year!!! That's how long it will take to arrive, which shows how much I love it:smile:

    I think it's a great style full or empty. It looks like the love-child of the happy threesome of
    (1) the Bal City (hardware style and the usual suspects) and
    (2) the Alexander Wang Rocco (just-right size of duffle shape) and
    (3) the Town (long cross-body strap).
  10. I voted Velo. I love this style, it it super easy to get in and out of and very classic looking. I have a 2 year old, and it was plenty big for me and what I tote around.

    I do have a Maxi Twiggy on its way to me, should be here I will post what I think of the Maxi as well.

    I no longer have my Velo, and I have to say I dearly regret passing it on. I am in the market for another, that is how much I miss mine!
  11. I have 1 Velo & I find it very versatile. Looks great no matter how you wear it & it hold a lot too. I voted for Velo.
  12. I have the same dilemma frankly, i want all three, no wait i want the hip too so i want 4!
  13. :sneaky: second that :graucho: it will slouch nicely with your curve. I have my MT wearing crossbody with kids and handles on shoulder without kids around ;)

    btw, I'm 5'5 too :smile:
  14. Thanks ladies for all your valuable inputs! :biggrin:

    besabonita: Yes please post your reviews on your newly acquired maxi here! I will be waiting for your post!!! New maxi...nice! :yahoo:

    antakusuma: I think your requirements for the bag are very similiar to mine from what I read in other threads. Difference is I am not looking at the hip cos its too small.....I have many other similiar crossbody bags with similiar capacity as the hip so I'll need something slightly bigger......:biggrin:

    molee808: It was your pic that inspired me to take a closer look at the maxi! :lol: One question though, does your things shift around inside the maxi especially when it is not packed full? I have this problem with the twiggy and am rather worried the same will happen to the maxi. For my twiggy, I have to dig from east to west and back forth to find my cp, wallet etc! Very cumbersome especially if I am in a hurry! :P
  15. Honestly I'm not crazy about the newer Bal styles but out of the three, I would go with the Folk.