sorry for my silly question, but don't know what to do...

  1. I have a 35cm Birkin and a beautiful elephant cadena that I hang from the turnkey. I travel for work fairly often and have strated taking my beauty with me on the trips, to my meetings. With all the paperwork etc, I prefer keeping the straps tucked in on the turnkey, with the flap open and tiucked in on the back. When I do that, I am worried that the cadena will scratch the hardware on the turnkey and take it off, which I don't want to do. I am not a fan of the clochette (sp) so really prefer having the cadena on the turnkey. Does any of you have the cadena on the turnkey whilst keeping the strap closed? Anyone else would think me a lunatic if I asked this question, but I know you lovelies will understand! Thank you very much in advance. P.s. It's all gold (the hw and cadena)
  2. Sure, why not? That's what it's made for.
    Just keep an eye on not only the hardware but the leather underneath...if it does start to scratch or wear noticeably, then you might want to rethink it.
  3. It will eventually scratch the hardware but it won't remove the plating. I think the dangling elephant from the turnkey looks lovely and you should forge ahead and do it! The hardware scratches anyway, EBRUO.......
  4. ebruo, I feel I understand your concern about scratching the beautiful shiney hardware. Hermes h/w is one of the most beautiful parts of our handbags.

    With mine, tho, hard as I try, it still scratches and I'm pretty careful with my pieces. I've not found the cadenas to cause these scratches as much tho, as just day to day wear.

    The little elephant is a smooth curvey lock/charm and he would probably be a great choice for use on your Birkin. As opposed to, say the horse...or my favorite, the snail which has sharper points on it.

    I'd say go for it, ebruo, put your elephant on your gorgeous Birkin and wear it for a day and check on it at some point during the day. If the hardware looks good, then that's great! Check on it when you get home too.

    My hardware shows occasional light scratches withOUT a cadena....I'm pretty careful with my things, but, the h/w is made up of a precious metal and will scratch and unless you put plastic all over it, it's going to show some wear, eventually, I feel as much as we wish that it wouldn't. might ask your jeweler to polish the hardware for you...or you could take a jeweler's cloth and polish it, occasionally, yourself. It would, at least, keep it bright and shiney!

    Something else I just thought of, as I feel this is important to you, call Mr Claude at the Madison store. Tell him your concerns and ask him if Hermes will shine your hardware when you send the bag in for spa? I do not know what he would say, but, tell him this is important to you and you need his advice:yes:
  5. Just want to say thank you to you all for taking the time to answer a question that most non-tpf'ers would deem crazy. The fact that you care makes all the difference, thanks lovelies!
  6. Are you absolutely sure you don't want to hang it like this?

    Pegasus on JPG Birkin.jpg

    I wouldn't even worry about scratching the hardware but the noise would probably drive me nuts! (Cadena hitting against the turn key plate.)
  7. I totally understand your concern. I have many cadenas and I never hang it on my the turnkey (call me crazy...) because I am afraid that it will scratch the hardware. It's not cheap to have the hardware replaced. I always leave the straps loose so I prefer to hang it on the clochette strap instead.

    Since you are not a fan of the clochette, I guess there is no choice apart from hanging the cadena on the turnkey. The cadena will definitely scratch the hardware in the long run.