Sorry for my postings, Guess this is not my kind of forum

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  1. Guess u guys have seen my posts. Can figure out that people have felt it to be repetetive and boring but that really has not been my intention. Have got a couple of nasty mails which makes me feel bad and unwanted so very reluctantly i have decided that i will not make any further posts and quit gracefully. Appreciate this forum and its members and wish u all the best. If anyone can send me links of similar bags that u see on my avatar i will be most happy and obliged. I apologise once again for my posts
  2. i haven't seen any of these posts?

    i'm sorry to hear that.
  3. ^ Do a search for Marino Orlandi and you'll several different threads, all posted by this gentleman.

    I'm very sorry you feel like this, BTW, stock. But surely you must see that posting new threads over and over again about the same bag is a little unusual, to say the least?
  4. It may not be your intention, stock, and as someone who is relatively new here, I hesitate to comment, but just looking over your posts my impression is that you either seek to sell these particular bags, or that the nature of your interest in the bag and its use, might be better suited to a different, less fashion-oriented forum.

    And no, I do not know the addresses of any such forums, nor do I share such an interest, however I do know that just about anything can be found on the internets, as can other people who share that interest.

    And again, please forgive me if I have misinterpreted your posts. If that is the case, then I would, with the greatest respect, suggest that you read more internet postings on a variety of subjects, to help you develop greater clarity in a medium which undeniably favors those with an innate ability to string sentences together and express their ideas clearly.
  5. SP, I really enjoyed reading this post.:yes:
  6. Shimmapuff, you rock! I, too, got the impression that this gentleman's interest in large leather bags may not be strictly as a fashion accessory!
  7. :roflmfao: :nuts: Seriously, this is the second "everyone gather round for a group hug" post you have made. There is no need to be sensitive, but understand that the people who post here are the same group of people who read these threads everyday! If you post about nothing but the same bag, they are GOING to be suspicious and they are going to poke some fun at you, too! It is all in fun. I read through your posts and I honestly do not think you are trying to sell M.O. bags. I do think it would be to your advantage to broaden your interests by "shopping" around the forum. Many of us posted to tell you your bag was nice, but then you reposted it, which made you suspect. If you read the threads here, you will not notice others doing that. If you want to bump your thread, post in it again. It will jump back up to the top and maybe someone new will find it and post. Anyway, I think you could learn a lot here, including a love for even more bags. There are plenty of bags for men that I like a lot and find are too masculine for me to carry. I will be happy to find a few and show you, but they are not M.O. and they are not bucket bags. In fact, I think I will start a post about "man" bags and you can just jump right in if you want, and if you don't, well, then someone else will have an opinion.:shrugs:
  8. yep, and IME people who create "goodbye cruel board" threads stick around anyway because they want to see how much attention they're getting
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. I agree with this notion.
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