Sorry Credit Card Has Been Declined !!!

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  1. Once, I was over my credit limit though and I didn't realize it. But that's what multiple credit cards are for !

    There have been times at work when the card swipe has actually said "do not give card back, call police".. those were hilarious. Most of the time it was people that had reported the card as stolen or lost. Once it was actually someone who seemed like she stole it, since she made a grab for the card as soon as she saw the look.
  2. I'm constantly having my card blocked by my CC company. I live in Europe but have Australian & Singapore & bank accounts - husband hasn't got around to getting a local one. We were in NY and between the Aussie Visa Card and the Singapore Amex we were constantly having cards declined, but between the two managed.
  3. I've had my card declined in Milan. It was pretty embarrassing because the SAs in Prada were so snooty. But thank god for multiple cards since the SA refused to call the CC company for me. My friend had her AMEX declined in the same store and she was so pissed/embarrassed so she called AMEX just as soon as we got back to the hotel (since again, they wouldn't let her call the CC co.). It turns out that AMEX has no record of that card being used at Prada and turning up unauthorized and the guy told her that her card was completely fine, and that AMEX would sort this out with Prada because it seems as if they're favoring certain cards over others and blah blah. Personally, I wouldn't even think about buying something if I knew I didn't have enough in my acct. to pay it off right away, so being declined never really bothers me because I know it's not because I'm over my limit.

    My mom's card got declined, again at Prada (hahaha, I never noticed this pattern before), but it was because HSBC put a block on her card since we had spent a few hundred that day and my mom had never used her CC before (she usually pays by matter the amount). They called up HSBC and got it sorted out. But that freaked my mom out for a minute since she didn't have exp. with CCs and is very paranoid and thought that someone had stolen her acct. info.
  4. in my 20's never in my 40's! =)
  5. After the hurricanes in Florida my hubby got declined at the Home Depot in West Palm (he was there racing and needed a generator). The US Bank rep called me, here in Colorado, and wanted to know what my hubby's cc was doing in FL, I said "well, I hope that's where it is since that is where he is." Apparently, there was a rash of CC fraud in Florida after the disaster and so they were declining cards to "protect" their customers. (since we don't live in Florida they assumed the card was stolen.) :P You know what they say about ass-u-me-'ing'. :biggrin:
  6. I'd be so embarrassed if this happened!!! One time my aunt gave my cousin her old navy card (or some card like that) instead of her credit card and then we realized when we walked into best buy and realized we couldn't buy anything. it was funny but embarassing lol
  7. I got declined once, but it was sort of the fault of the CC company. I had just gotten my new card in the mail (it was an account I had for years, but I was getting a new one to replace the one that expired). I called the 800 number to activate it. It had me punch in a bunch of info with the keypad, and then it went back to the main menu. That seemed a bit odd, but I just hung up and went about my business. About a week later, I stopped into Subway to get a diet Coke. I didn't have any cash on me, so I swiped my card. It got declined. I was pretty embarrassed. I ended up using a different card. Later that night, I called the CC company. They said the card had never even been activated. I explained to the customer service rep what happened when I called the activation number. He said the system must have been not working right that day. He activated my card for me and apologized though.
  8. My hubbys debit card was just declined Monday and my debit card from the same account went through-we had plenty of money in the account,and the card worked everywhere else we went,it was the weirdest thing!
  9. I haven't had any card problems myself, but over Thanksgiving my parents card was getting declined left and right. Turns out my mom accidentally put the CC in the ATM to get cash out- realized it was the wrong card and then switched cards. Well it flagged as suspicious activity, so when I was shopping with her at Gucci her card did not run through. But rather than declining us, they called the CC company to make sure it was ok and since the SA knew us, they verified the card wasnt stolen.

    My mom thought it was handled then, but the SAME thing happend at dinner with the family that night. But again, the restaurant called the CC company and worked it out.

    Either we just lucked out, or the people who saw our card going through were not suspecting anything of us fishy. We (me and my brothers and sister) were embarassed, but my dad and mom just said they had the money so they did not care. Ha.
  10. Yes, last summer at Galeries Lafayette. I wanted to buy a watch from Cartier and my Visa Checkcard kept refusing me. I had to call BofA to ask them why(the whole process was a nightmare; they put me on hold and transfered me to so many departments.

    After 2-3 hrs on the phone(lots of calls), they finally cleared it and I got my watch. They said BofA didn't do business with Galaries Lafayette because they had so many frauds came from that store.

    It really ruined my day.

    PS. I didn't want to use my credit cards because of the currency conversion fee. My BofA card doesn't charge anything and they just take the money straight from my checking account.
  11. I had this happen to me right after the whole Mastercard scandal of where they lost about a million customers' information. Anyways, I was buying groceries to cook a huge family meal since our extended relatives were visiting. Anyways, I pretty much freaked. None of my cards worked and I was half-way convinced that my identity had been stolen or something terrible like that...

    Anyways, the cashier got a little snooty with me and made me feel bad while I had to put everything away and go to the bank to get cash. When I getting back from the ATM, I notice all these people rushing out of the store also. It turned out that their entire computer system went down and they couldn't accept any debit or credit cards at all and no one had bothered to tell anyone else.

    I felt vindicated, but a part of me still feels a little angry towards that cashier.
  12. No, this hasn't happened to me. However, I have passwords on a few of my accounts from when I had my wallet stolen a few years ago. It is a bit embarassing when they have to call for authorization and my password, but it's worth it knowing that my accounts are protected.
  13. omg , actually this happened to me a few weeks ago when I had my hair done to a salon. When I had to pay for it, my CC was pure and simply DENIED and I only had some cash for the tip! The lady told me that it was OK ( ok to owe $ 75 to a salon?)and I can go home and bring the money when everything is cleared up with my CC. Of course I called my mom and told her to rush over with some money, but I left so embarrassed and felt such a scum:shame:
  14. My check card has been declined (hey, I'm a college student and I only get paid biweekly...its happened maybe 3 times or so). I have never, and probably will never, max out a credit card.
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