Sorry Credit Card Has Been Declined !!!

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  1. I think it can be a good thing if Citi is watching your card and notices what could be suspicious activity. The bf's AmEx card number was recently stolen and someone ordered $450 worth of crap online :suspiciou :evil: AmEx called and e-mailed him with a fraud alert immediately and the situation was resolved within 10 minutes. They took off the charges, closed that account and sent him a new card.

    With so many opportunities for fraud around, it's a good thing to know that some CC companies are staying alert when it comes to monitoring possible fraud :biggrin:
  2. Yes, my credit card company is Paranoid Security Central (though I really can't complain, it's for my protection!). When I first tried to buy my Paddy at net-a-porter they declined it as "suspicious activity", (even though I was WAY under my limit) and it took four calls to the credit card company to get the security hold off it so the sale would go through.
  3. That's true, I'm glad they're vigilant. However, it is a biatch when you're traveling up and down the I-5 running through Cali and you can't use your card at gas stations because it's been used at too many different locations. AHHH!! I need gas!
  4. lol it gave me the warm fuzzies when i was little when we'd buy a computer or something in that price range and then the next day we'd have a message on our machine making sure that we had made the purchase and no one had stolen anything from us. i felt like someone was watching out for my family :P.
  5. I have a citicard and it take money straight out of your bank account. well they told me a max charge is 2500 even if you have more in your account. I use amex now because there is never that chance of a decline.
  6. That **** has happend to me before and I was SOOOOOOOOOOO pissed! When I finally got home to call the CC company, I found out that my brother-in-law had a card sent to his home as an authorized user and ran up my bill, mind you ladies, I have an AMEX which is hard to get IMO. In order to restore my credit rating and not be charged, I had to prosecute, so you guys know what happend RIGHT?
  7. Holy smokes! Your brother in law? That's awful... :Push:
  8. You are so right, IntlSet! I just blush/get embarassed easily lol. :shame:
  9. Yes, that's SAD for him, he didn't get jail time, only because I did not want my husband and he to be totally alienated but I did make sure he got the worst possible consequences thrown at him.:evil: :Push:
  10. My mom used one of her ccs and while clothes shopping, the girl didn't scan it right. She did it the like the wrong way, and it would not go through. On that card there was about 25,000. Loudly, she announces, 'I don't know why it won't go through! You have over 25,000!!!" Finally, he manager did it right. She acted like there was 5 million dollars there. It was so embarrassing. Everyone was staring at us when we left.
  11. Mine hasn't gotten declined but I had gone to Las Vegas for the week and forgot to call my cc company and tell them. I used it and everything was fine so on the 4th day I'm at NM and the girl tells me that they want to speak with me. They thought someone had taken my CC because of the different State and I was shopping full time I was at 1/2 my cc limit at about 6,000 and before that I didn't I had a zero balance. The good thing is got fixed and I was able to continue shopping. =)
  12. Nope. Not yet and never intend to let it happen. I pay off my bill each month so I start fresh after each billing cycle.
  13. Only once while I was at a restaurant with my parents in San Francisco. That was a total shocker and my parents thought I was over my credit card limit and scolded me for it too. So embarrassing... Turned out that my credit card company put a fraud alert block on that card since that was my first time in SF and they thought it was weird that I was using my credit card up there. I had them unblock it that very night. :evil: I thought they only block your card if you go out of state or out of country? I mean I was still in Cali... geesh. But at least I know they're doing their job in keeping tabs on my credit card activities. :biggrin:
  14. It happened to me loads of times on my store credit card... Embarassing but not too much, since I'm a good customer (as you can probably tell from my spending, lol) and the SAs usually hold the stuff I want until the next time.

    And it happened once with my regular CC but it's not a problem, I have another one (but I've forgotten the code now!!)
  15. nope, never happened with me. although, my credit card companies know by now not too put suspicious holds on my accounts since i use my cards for everything and never carry cash. Plus i travel alot and buy high ticket items all using either cc or debit cards. If it was too decline though, I would feel embarassed, although I would get over it and ask where the nearest ATM was. lol