Sorry Credit Card Has Been Declined !!!

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  1. My dear cousin tried to buy a pair of $700 boots by Ann Demeulemeester on Friday.:shame:

    Has this ever happened to you ? or anyone you know ?

  2. No, thankfully... I'd be mortified! :sad:
  3. Thank goodness no!
  4. Never! I don't think there should be any reason to shop for I just want it items and run up a credit card to its limit! If I can't pay cash for it or pay it off within a month 2 at the most it isn't something I need.

    Sorry that happened to her she must have wanted to hide. I hope it was a computer error.
  5. No, I'd be :shame:

    I remember when I worked retail and people who looked like they had a ton of money would come into CompUSA and buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff. They'd whip out a gold or silver AmEx, and it would be declined. First they'd have us run it multiple times, then get all haughty and say, "I have a (insert astronomical number) limit on this card, something is wrong!" and blame us for it. Then we'd call the CC company and let them talk to the customer. A few minutes later the customer would hang up the phone, embarrassed, and give us another CC to use. It just irked me when they bragged about how high their limits were or how much money they had :suspiciou
  6. Once I accidentally used an expired card. Before I realized my mistake I thought I was being declined. I immediately felt the blood rush to my face! I just used a different card. I also worry about computer errors. How did the SA break the news to her? Hopefully in a nice way.
  7. I want to say no. But unfortunately GAP messed up my address. We pay off ALL of our bills in full each month.
    But we move A LOT. I wrote on the backs of my bills - you kow, where it says to - my new address and someone at the GAP combined my old address w/ my new one.
    They had my new physical address PLUS my old apt number, then they had my old city but my new state and zip code. Needless to say, I never got a bill. And being 7.5 mos pregnant w/ twins and moving a home in TN and a home in OK to Texas w/ a 3.5 year old. . . well I wasn't exactly babysitting my creditors!
    All my other bills got to me but that one. I didn't realize it until the twins were 4 mos old and I tried to use the card and it was declined.
    I was SOOOOOOO pi$$ed!
    My DH and I have bought and sold more than $3 million dollars in homes and in 3 different states, pay our bills in full every month, etc . . . and I can't use a GAP card to buy $40 in baby goods!??
    I could feel my face burning!
    SO yeah, I've been declined but not because I was irresponsible.

    I'm still peeved about that, can ya tell!?
  8. it happened to me once trying to buy some ralph lauren polos my first week in college. i came armed only with my new student credit card, my limit was only $600 since it was in my name only and i had no credit history. i had paid for books with it, which was pretty much the entire limit, but had plenty of money in my checking account from my parents for stuff like that, so i set up to pay the balance online and it said it would be paid by the end of the day. it was about 6:00 when i tried to buy the polos so i figured the payment had to have gone through. but guess what - for some reason or another, i hadn't gotten it in by the deadline for same-day credit, so it hadn't! i was so embarassed...i paid by check anyway, but they looked at me funny :sad:

    cards get declined all the time at my job, a lot of times because people try and use their debit cards for big purchases and a lot of them don't realize until it's too late that small banks often have a one-day spending limit of less than $1000 dollars for their debit cards.
  9. YES, I was so embarassed I invited 12 of my girlfriends for lunch because I hadnt seen them, so after dinner I take out my silver AmEx to pay and it comes back declined, so I used my black MBNA. Long story short somehow someone managed to get my cc number and bought 30,000 dollars worth of stuff!! I was pissed off:shame:
  10. once when I was very young. the sales clerk took a pair of scissors and cut it right in half in front of God and everyone. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole. that cured me from ever maxing out a card again!
  11. No, this hasn't happened to me. It kind of did, but only because my wallet got stolen and I forgot to reactivate my card :lol:
  12. I don't see why anybody should be embarrassed about it.... my card has been mistakenly declined several times because CITICARD is constantly blocking my account since they get paranoid about my card being stolen.

    I don't think you should assume anything just because someone's card was declined. And there are way more things to be mortified about than having your card declined.
  13. ARE YOU KIDDING. Are they allowed to do that?
  14. they used to. when I worked in a record store (back when there was still vinyl!) we had to call the credit card companies for authorizations. I was told by these agents to cut up some credit cards. It was awful. Haven't seen anyone do this lately though. Maybe they don't anymore because people complained.
  15. the lady that was checking me out was really weird about it, and i didn't know any better, but now that i work retail, i know better. we had a lady trying to buy several thousand dollars worth of appliances one time and nothing would go through -checks, debit card, credit cards, nothing. she called her bank on speakerphone and checked her balances and had over $70,000 in her checking account and very little on her credit card (compared to what her astronomical limit was) and the lady at the bank couldn't explain to her exactly why nothing would work. she had just moved, so we thought it might be that, but the bank had no idea and couldn't change it. so there's definately no reason to be embarassed - it can indeed be a clerical or technical error.