Sorry but i need to VENT - sorta long

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  1. Ok well i was not going to bother posting this and said to myself just get over it but its still pi**ing me off so i need to vent lol

    So yesturday i went with my mum to see an old family friend who recently lost her mum, (i will call her X) X lives in another state so we dont see her for years at a time but she came down to look after her dad. Anyways we saw X at a shopping centre that has an LV and Chanel so i told mum that after we leave her i just want to pop into LV because i wanted to see the size of the new vernis alma PM (i took my mono alma that day and wanted to see them both side by side for size. Anyways we sat having lunch for 4 hours as X went blah, blah, blah, me, me, me and it was getting a little annoying but mum and I didnt say anything because of her loss. After 4.5 hours mum said "ok i think we will start heading off" but X wanted to walk us to our car, mum felt bad and told me to just go to LV with her AAAHHH. So i walked ahead of mum and X and went into LV i asked the SA if i could please see the bag and i started "playing" when mum and X walk in and on the top of her lungs calles out "man i asked the Chanel SA how much the lipstick was and she said $50, who pays $50 for lipstick???" i :faint:Then i was in a MAJOR hurry to leave lol and said thank you to the SA and gave him back the beautiful vert alma when X called out again "how much is that thing" the SA said $2000 (AUS) then mum and i walked so fast out of Louis as we were walking to our car X said to me "what are you doing that you can spend $2000 on a bag" i told that i work hard for my money and i do NOT earn a lot but i save and save and mum backed me up.:lecture: But X would not let it go and told me she want to be my best friend and come and work with me. :sick: After i made it VERY clear that she earns more than me we got to our car :yahoo: and i have never seen mum drive away so fast lol

    anyways thanks for reading i just had to let it all out
  2. aweee :heart: its all over now!!
    thats so embarassing, I can't believe that people feel the right to say things like that to you. I hope that you do not need to see "X" for a veryy veryy long time! Congrats for keeping your cool though, i cant imagine how difficult that must have been!
    ps I CANT believe she acted like that in the boutique, i would have melted into the floor lmao
  3. Bummer! I have occasionally had a certain friend insist on following me into a store and it always makes me crazy....she constantly comments on the prices of things, how much I'm going to spend on such and such, and oh by the way does your dh know? UMMM hello, I'm a sahm and he pays the bills, yes he knows. I finally decided that no matter how much I want to go in to certain stores, I NEVER go with this friend. If you are ever with your again definitely skip the trip to LV! Glad your mom backed you up, that is very nice! Hopefully your next trip to LV will be relaxing and enjoyable. Don't let her be a downer, it's no one's business what you spend your money on, she's probably just envious!
  4. You handled it very well. Some people just need etiquite lessons.
  5. I hate it when people judge you on how you spend your money,it's nobody's business! You earned it and save up for it. You are not stealing her money to buy LV so this people needs to learn how to keep their opinion to themselves...

    Kudos to you and your mom:tup:
  6. Awkward. :biggrin:
  7. She sounds very manipulative to have babbled to you and your mom for over four hours! She's obviously very selfish. I think you and your mom handled her very well and hopefully won't have to put up with her again!
  8. Umm .. wow! I have to admit though, when I saw your :faint: I laughed out loud! I think I would have done the same thing. Sorry, but no matter what has happened to her, she had no class at that moment!
  9. So sorry! How embarrassing! My dh and I went into LV in Chicago w/a friend and he walked around saying how much is this? And OMG, I can't believe how much this stuff costs! So, I can certainly relate! Although, I handled it differently! I told him to shut the hell up or go wait outside! LOL

    I know in this situation you couldn't really do that but it sure would have felt great to do so I bet!
  10. How awkward & embarrassing! People should keep their comments (quitely) to themselves. For some reason people get weird when it comes to spending money on something that they don't think is worth that much, even though they spend the same or more on other things in their lives. Hope you won't have to go near LV again with this X.
  11. people can be so rude
  12. thank you everyone for your reply's i feel so much better now :flowers:

    Christian's girl DW i wont see X for a bloody long time (i already told mum i dont want to see her EVER AGAIN lol) i felt like time stood still and everyone was watching my

    nordy's girl ha i started laughing when you said and oh by the way does your dh know? UMMM hello, I'm a sahm and he pays the bills, yes he knows. :P. I will never go to any shopping centre with her again (if i ever see her again lol) and yes im so glad mum backed me up, she has learned to live with my LV habit and although she does not support it/argee with the way i spend my money she knows i work hard for my money and i have no debts so she was shocked when this bit** started sayin that stuff to me

    fashion_mom1 thank you i did the best i could lol

    nici luvs lv thank you, i love your signature "yesturday is history" so i can just forget about her :jrs:

    r15324 yes it was very awkward

    LVLoveaffair yes she is very selfish and it will be a LLLOOONNNGGG time before we see her again

    ildera5 she never has any class lol, and yes i could not think of a better way to put it than :faint:

    shoegirl1975 you have no idea how much i wanted to :bagslap: her lol, i wish i had told her to wait outside but she prob would have just made things worse (if things could have gotten worse) lol. Good for you telling your friend to shut up or wait outside :tup: it must have felt ssooo good

    tarilloveslouis thing is she cant keep anything to herself, she has to say everything she is thinking thats why lunch went for 4.5 hours :sweatdrop:

    awhitney yes very rude :yes:
  13. dad does that too, but at the end of the day, he still slaps his card down for my mum and some of my purchases...

    He had also trekked his way through the flagship stores of lv and other designers in Europe while picking up stuff for mum and me, in shorts and flipflops :smile:

    That being said, initially it bothered and embarrassed me no end...but now, at least the SAs I deal with kinda recognize him and they know he's just saying/doing that to tease me...:nogood:
  14. that sucks, she totally ruined your LV trip. i agree w/ other members that you handled yourself well. hopefully you can make it back soon to continue your "playdate" w/ the vernis alma pm :biggrin:
  15. how rude. you handled yourselves very well.