Sorry, but another question from a first-timer

  1. You have all been so awesome about my new nutmeg! Which I absoltuely love, and I am over the thread thing. But I wanted to ask you seasoned chloe wearers, if you notice that these bags scuff quite easily. I took my new bag out today and was SO CAREFUL with it. It was like I was carrying it on a silver platter directly in front of me constantly under my watchful eye, and yet I still notice some scuffs on it from it's few hours out. I mean I didn't lay it down - I didn't take my eyes off of it. The scuffs may just be from the lock, but I still wanted to check in with you girls as you have a way of calming my overactive mind...... and you are much cheaper than the shrink I probably really need!:roflmfao:
  2. My bags haven't scuffed. What do you mean by scuffed? If you are talking about the lock, yes, eventually with time it will become distressed. The corners of your bag might show wear too. But that happens to all handbags and is not unique to paddingtons.

    The leather on your paddington will soften and become smooshier with wear. I love this! This is natural since paddington bags often "slouch" when in resting position. It makes the bag softer and vintage chic.
  3. They are magnificent bags and it's so easy to get caught up in being the over-protective mom :yes:

    But I think the paddy's break in very nicely. I am not noticing un-due wear and tear on either of my bags (mousse & choco) and I have been carrying one of the two of them constantly for the last two+ months.

    Plus, bags are no use if they are left at home for fear of harming them! Use and LOVE every minutes, JMO :flowers:
  4. Thanks hmwe46. LG - what I mean by scuff is like when you get a new pair of leather shoes or boots, and you don't actually scrape the leather or cut it, but you might have a scuff on the toe from the toe of your shoe bumping up to something. Like that. I did have a couple of people bump into me while it was on my shoulder (rude I know) but it wasn't hard enough to harm my bag was it? Oh my god are they out to get my new bag? Is there a new bag conspiracy? My little nutmeg will never be safe again! Could the dust cover be considered couture? I mean I would have the bag at home to prove it!:roflmfao:
  5. I have several pairs of Blahniks and one of them scuffed like crazy!! The others were fine!

    I think some leathers take the dye better, maybe one lot is more "sticky" then another and so the color is richer but wears worse??

    Ah heck, just wear the bag-- any scuffs will be "character" :graucho:

    Ok, so my DH and I were house hunting. I was carrying my mousse paddy. The home-owner had two adorable Bouviers, one was a puppy. So of course I bent down to pet him- the little rascle BIT my PADDY!!!:death:

    I thought I was going to hyperventilate. But yanno- it was ok, the tiny tiny pin prick left behind is reminder of a funny experience :P The bag still rocks!!

  6. Hmwe46, you sound so calm now about the doggy biting your bag, I would have been freaking. Back to the thread, I wear my paddingtons a lot and I haven't seen any scuffing but the lock on one is a little dinged up. Ilove2shop, I think we are all saying, go out, wear your bag and enjoy her, yes, little things might happen to her but these don't take away from the look of these bags.
  7. Okay - thanks girls! :flowers: I will get over myself. But - hmwe46 - I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Especially at that smiley - I think I did see that one before but couldn't imagine how it would be used. I guess know I know. I will take some deep breaths and try to start enjoying this bag. I really do love it but I guess with the anticipation etc and wanting the perfect bag - I have gotten myself way too worked up. :girlsigh: I think it was easier buying a house...
  8. ilove2shop, if you are sure that the markings are not just dirt, try rubbing it a little with your finger, sort of massage it, and maybe the oil from your hand will make the scuff go away? Or if you are a bit braver, you can use a small amount of Apple care conditioner and massage it into the scuff.
  9. I agree with minicoop - I normally buff shoes with scuff marks using a clean soft cloth & that normally restores the sheen to the leather...however if the marks are still there, I add a little leather conditioner to the cloth & continue buffing/polishing...voila, they turn out like new!!! :smile:

    hmwe46, a dog bit your Paddy??!!! What a harrowing incident!!! Thank goodness the damage was nothing too major.
  10. It was soo traumatic and I didn't want to seem like a total drama queen in front of my realtor, the home owner, and DH.

    Bad doggie!! No no!!

    And!!! to add insult to injury, we didn't get the house!!! :cursing:

    Another buyer came with ALL CASH (whoopsie, I must have spent all
    mine on CHLOES!!!) :balloon: