Sorry - another Suhali Lockit PM question


Jun 17, 2006
I have had the Tivoli GM for awhile now (right when they first came out) and I have loved loved loved this bag. I love the pleats, how easy it is to use and so on. But - lately I have been a little bit tired of the size. I think I might be ready to move to a smaller sized bag. Would you owners of the Suhali Lockit PM weigh in on what your thoughts are about this bag for everyday? I am not really a "change my bag for my mood" kind of girl. I end up just basically using the same bag everyday and I am sort of looking for the one bag that is timeless, classic, good in every situation a great size - I won't feel like - if my bag was just a little bigger... but also won't feel like - my bag IS one of the passengers in my vehicle! Please help - once this decision is made I probably won't be purchasing another bag for a very very very long time. Thank-you for your time! :shrugs:


Feb 15, 2008
I love mine! They are durable, but go with a black, grey, or brown for everyday. I have a blue and a silver lockit, just the silver one has scratches on it. So I would suggest to get a dark color and stay away from abrasive surfaces, like brick! I had a friend who bought a white one and tore the piping all up walking too close to a brick wall.
Also, they do get soft, so if its not filled it doesn't stand up straight,the top leans. This doesn't bother me, but some might be upset by it.


Jan 29, 2009
Could someone please tell me the weight of the suhali Lockit PM? I'm not kidding, really need to know. Thanks.


Nov 13, 2007
It is a very personal thing. I have the supposedly heavier suhali bags like the Le Fab, L'ingeniuex and even Le Superbe.... I really don't find the weight to be of much bother (especially compared to bags like the Chloe Paddington). I can also wear my lockit PM on my shoulders (some people can some people can't - depends on the person). Maybe because I don't carry too much with me.

For those who like the metallic leather, unlike the silver and gold ones, the chrome and bronze will definitely not peel since the shimmer is part of the leather rather than on top of the leather. I have been using my bronze lockit pm for nearly 10 months now, and it is holding up very well indeed.