Sorry! Another Sabrina question, advice please!

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  1. Hi! Hope everyone is'nt Sabrina'd out by now, but I was a little late jumping on the bandwagon due to financial problems this past year:sad:. But... things are looking up and I went to the outlet on Fri. and got a large black op-art Sabrina! Here's where I need your advice. They only had 1 and she has brass hardware. Was really looking for silver hardware. Should I keep hoping my outlet (jackson NJ) gets more in, or should I just enjoy the one I got? I'm dying to use her!!! Oh, I should say they put me on the client tracker for silver, but I never used that before and don't know how reliable it really is. BTW long time lurker here, all of your collections are absolutely gorgeous!:biggrin: Thanx!
  2. I'm also a Jackson, NJ Shopper and got the same sabrina which I love! Keep her, while I didn't think I would like the gold, I haven't found a silver hardware there yet and surprisingly don't mind the gold hardware!
  3. From what I have seen, the outlets don't have many if any of the black leather or black OP art Sabrinas with the silver hardware. Maybe they have yet to release the ones with silver hardware to the outlets. I would try eBay, but it's hard to beat outlet prices.
  4. Thanks CA23! Thats what I thought! And if you dont mind me saying, I noticed in your posts you were looking for a navy tribeca tote. I got one in jackson on Jan 29th after asking 3 different SA;s to look in the back for me! Ive been back a couple times this week and keep my eyes out for you!