Sorry, another question (Batignolles Vertical)

  1. I want to get this, it would be my first LV.

    Has this bag been around for very long, do they discontinue these types of bags quickly?

    I know with Coach, things often only last for a couple of months, so I was just wondering, and thought I would ask the EXPERTS. :lol:

    Thank you, this forum is **enabling** me, :rolleyes:
  2. it's a new addition, but i think it will be around for a while :yes:
  3. I got the BV 2 weeks ago and the SA said it will be in the collection a long time since it is so popular.
  4. Yay! I will probably wait until next month to get it then. I can't believe I am going to spend this much on a bag. I love that style! :love:

    Thanks so much. Such a helpful place. :biggrin: :heart:
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