Sorry, another noe thread

  1. Is a large noe big enough to hold a notebook? Since I know I noe can hold more than a cabas piano and popincourt, I was thinking about getting that instead...I did want a cabas mezzo, but I'm beginning to think that that bag is much too big (and not something I would want to carry everyday, for me)!

    No elaborate details are needed (unless you want to); just say yes or no. :yes: I won't get offended. :shame:
  2. No takers? Guess I'll have to find out the hard way...:sad:
  3. Where's Irene when we need her!!?? :shrugs: ;)
  4. I used to have small noe in epi , I think for large can fit notebook but you can't really tie the string I would imagine..
  5. ^Darn, that's what I was afraid of...
  6. I think you'd fit in the petit, the petit will hold a speedy 25 if you put it end first.

  7. I couldn't tie my Noe either....
  8. Well... If it's going to be stuffed wide open would lose it's purpose as a drawstring bag... I know I know... Mezzo not something to lug around as an everyday bag... However it is a tote bag after all... IMO and my two cents...
  9. Bernz~ Here are some pics of Toledo Noe Petite w/ Domino magazine....:heart: me...Hope it helps:yes:
  10. Nice shot ghost! Yep. You could stuff a notebook in there, but it would be awkward with the cardboard back, magazines are different. For notebooks and things, totes are best, no????

    Brentwoods??? IMO, but something else maybe mono or epi would be good 2!

  11. I agree~ I think a tote would be best...I put magazines and notebooks in BH!
  12. The noe is extremly roomy and can easily hold a notebook.. it would change the shape a bit but it can def hold it.. I love the noe for travel I stuff a denim jacket in it , bottle of water , camera etc.. its a wonderful bag.. so roomy and versatile
  13. Thanks, sweetie! It doesn't look that bad at all! Hmmm....

    The reason I asked is that when I go off to school, I want a bag that I can use for school and when going out. I thought a large noe would be good (in place of the cabas mezzo) since I only plan to put a notebook and maybe a book. I hardly ever put books in my bags, but I guess if I'm going to be a grad student...the only way to go is getting a tote...

    Thanks for your opinions, everyone!