Sorry, another EGC event question

  1. I read someone said that they are getting their bag now but it will be "rebilled" on the 26th. Is that common because if it is, I want to ask my SA to do it. And also, if I'm getting over $3,000 and use my Saks card, is it common to waive the shipping or not?
  2. good question, I would like to know this as well!
  3. I too have a question about the Saks gift card. I have about $1500 worth of gift card, can I use all of this gift card to buy one item, let's say a chanel tote?
  4. Absolutely! I had one for $2300 and used it on a Chanel bag.
  5. They can waive shipping if they choose to. It's up to the SA. I have one who always does and one that never does. The one that always waives it is the SA I usually for my less expensive purchases, so I don't think the amount of purchase matters.
  6. SOme SA's DO rebill the items on the day of the sale...BUT they can get into trouble for doing it for u.I just bought 2 CHANELS and I wouldnt want my SA to get into trouble by asking him/her to rebill it on the EGC day..Besides..hmmm...MAYBE Ill find something else to buy on the 26th...hehe.
    IF u have a SAKS FIRST card..There is free shipping
  7. Oh no!!

    I just purchased my reissue yesterday and 1) i forgot to use one of my gift cards and 2) I used a Saksfirst card but wasn't offered free shipping!

    GRRRRRR!! :cursing:
  8. Wait call them up and say that you wanted to apply the gift card and also ask them to waive the shipping.
  9. yipppeeeee!! I'm getting me a chanel tote. thanks for responding, I love this forum, so much information to share with the world:yahoo:

  10. I tried to apply for a Saks CC over the phone and they told me I would have to come into the store to do that. She said they don't take that information over the phone.

    Is that true? I'm two hours away from the Saks in SC and they don't carry Chanel.
  11. Unfortunately, that is true. I had to go to the store to apply for the CC. I think you also have the option to apply online, if you're ok with it.
  12. You can apply at It's very easy, I did it that way. It's secure.
  13. apply online and when does it get approved?
    once it gets approved, are we going to get the 10% discount?
  14. It gets approved immediately if they approve you... However you will have to call the 800 number to find out your balance and yes you will get the 10% discount the entire first day of purchases