sorry..another ebay question...2nd chance?

  1. Guys, i know ive been asking a lot of ebay questions and I apologize...its just that you are all experts.
    my auctions just ended and now it says 2 items are eligible for second chance... what does this mean? Havent they already been sold?

  2. Not sure if you are the buyer or seller? If you are the bidder, sometimes a second chance offer is made to a bidder who doesn't win the auction. It's usually because the winning bidder can't/won't pay. Be sure it actually came from ebay (log in Ebay & go to "my Ebay" & check your messages there) Alot of people are getting spoof emails trying to get personal info.

    If you are the seller, items that are sold will always be available for you to make a second chance offer to another bidder should your winner not complete the transaction. Sometimes it's easier to offer it to the next highest bidder than relisting & paying more fees.
  3. I am the seller, sorry for not specifiying.. the items have been won and now im waiting for payment - does it mean if they dont pay I can relist for free?
    By the way acegirl - you have been helping me a lot with ebay recently..thanks!!!
  4. If the winning bidder doesn't pay, you can relist. You do get part of your fee refunded but not all. The second chance offer is nice is 1. you don't want to wait the time it takes for another auction to run & 2. If the next highest bidder's amount is really close to the winning bid, you won't be losing much money by selling it to them.

    I wouldn't worry about a second chance offer if your auctions just ended. I'm sure your winning bidders will pay;)

    & you're very welcome!