sorry about another miror thread but UK might want to look

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  1. Hey
    just noticed you can buy the miror items online on the UK LV site and THEYRE INSTOCK!!!
    i thought it was all waitlist only stuff? hmm well go snatch it up quick girls and guys before its all gone
  2. well sorry, you can buy silver/gold speedy and silver pap but no gold option pap and out of stock pochettes
  3. I just ordered the silver speedy from uk website -- hope I do actually get it this time , as I ordered the silver pouchetter yesterday and did not get it - thye said they were unable to process it at it was unavailaible.... did you order anything ???
  4. N:huh:OOOO! I want a speedy..I was so hopeful!
    they have the pochette and the silver pap. only

  5. I actually dont think we will get them anyway --- seems too strange they had them all availiable .. I think its a technical hitch so to speak
  6. BTW the silver speedy is back in stock
  7. I think your right I was told by my SA and customer services (both UK) that ALL the Miroir line stock was allocated. I also called a store I use often in Italy & they said the same thing.
  8. Hmm, So you could buy a miroir piece from the UK and have it sent to states (CA)?? :shrugs:
  9. ^ No you need to have UK address (sorry)
  10. LOL, I thought so. Was just curious neways...Thx!!;)
  11. Just a question.. do you usually get a confirmation email instantly if you buy something from there?

    Sorry to hear about the girls having problems, there should not be any technical problems, the speedy was online this evening.
  12. I went to bond st store today and the SA told me they were all gone even the display ones that were there for all to handle!
  13. I've ordered online twice the 1st time I got a confirmation email a few days later, the 2nd second time I didn't but the items arrived approx 2-3 days after order. They ship from France
  14. Thank you! :flowers:

    did they still charge you for the pochette even though they did not have it in stock? Did they contact you?
  15. Hi

    To my nowledge they have not charged me they just said it was not availiable