Sorriso or Graziosa ? :-)

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  1. Hi girls~

    I love tokidoki cute prints and own a transporto gioco. I would love to get another tokidoki bag , and am considering these 2 designs. Which design is spaciaous and can carry more items ? Sorriso seems flat to me, and i wonder if the 2 front pockets of Grazioza are any useful.

    Girls... I need your valuable inputs ! ;)
    can anyone who owns these 2 bags, do a comparisons and post a photo of these 2 bags side by side?

    In my country, I do not have the luxury to go into a mall, compare and choose them. :sad:

    Thanks in advance !
  2. The graziosa is definitely larger than the sorriso. If you are familiar with the sizes of the previous line of Tokidoki for LeSportsac bags, the sorriso is a similar style to but a bit bigger than the bambinone while the graziosa is sized in between a stellina and a campeggio.
  3. Graziosa is bigger than Sorriso.

    Thought I'd add that Graziosa's front pocket flaps fasten with a snap button each, with a raised backing where you insert your finger to snap them shut. Personally these snap fasteners annoy me I couldn't get any from any bag to engage quick enough without fumbling some. Many flaps are sewn with the alignment slightly off so do check that you didn't get a faulty one before removing all tags for a return. If you overstuff the front pockets you won't be able to shut the flaps either. I wished Simone used Velcro or hidden magnetic strips instead.

  4. WhAT?? In Singapore you can't get to a mall, aren't there malls all over the country in every single suburb?? Try living in suburban US away from a metropolitan city, some towns don't even have malls within a 3 hr driving radius.. and forget public transport, in some places they are practically non-existent.
  5. Thank you nyshopaholic and VPT! Those information is very useful !

    I've just bought an Eco Mondo Graziosa from ebay, i just missed out the Xmas sales at the end of 2008. Some bags are selling at such a low price , what a bargain ! :drool:

    LOL~ VPT, there are a lots of malls in Singapore, but if I am didnt remember wrongly, there was a counter at an Isetan did carry Tokidoki bags. But I guess the sales wasnt so good , therefore the counter was closed. :sad:
  6. Which Isetan is this, Wisma or Scotts? I do know the Scotts branch sold Toki bags pretty quickly all the popular styles sold out within 3 days of launch. I used to get mine from Takashimaya though, more variety.
  7. I think both counters no longer have tokidoki bags with them. They still have the normal prints LeSportSac bags/totes though. I was not yet into Tokidoki bags back then, so I am not too sure. :smile:
  8. I know you got your bag already but I luv both bags and got them both. :tup:

    I when I first started buying Tokidoki I thought the same thing. stellina vs. campaggio. Again, got them both.. and I luv them equally! :heart:

    Here they are side by side. If you get a chance take a closer look at the sorriso.. it's has more room then u think!:yes:

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