Sorely Missing My Thumbnails

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  1. Will the thumbnail photos (where you actually see the pics) option ever be restored? I miss that SO MUCH!! It's a huge pain to have to click all the attachment links in so many of the threads.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. It is not my fav thing to have to click on them either.. but this was done because of our server load. Taking that away makes the site run faster- there is just too much on the server and it ended in tons of downtime. We are operating 2 powerful servers already and hoping not to need a 3rd yet.. it is getting quite pricey. But I feel ya on this one... maybe someday!
  3. Boo hoo! I knew it was b/c server overload, but I was hoping it might be resolved soon. :Push:

    Hey, Megs, I see you edited my post. Did I say a bad word I forgot I said(doo doo, pee pee or ka ka)? ;)

    Ah ha! I remember what I said!! I remember wondering at the time if it was OK. My bad. :blush:
  4. ^ No worries!!!!

    The server is fixed- the site just has so much traffic!!
  5. ^^^Yes indeed! In fact, earlier this evening I was telling DH how many people were registered here and how many were online at any given time. I even commented that you and Vlad didn't realize what a monster you'd created a year ago!! And all this in a YEAR! I shudder to think how many servers you guys will own in five years! :wtf:
  6. Agreed. If it's ever possible, I'd love to see it happen.

    I can only imagine how hard you guys work to keep the site going as it is, though! :smile:
  7. We got spoiled and lazy! This is just fine.
  8. ^ Thanks!! If we need to upgrade to a new server, we will bring it back!!
  9. And there is always Photobucket etc which you can load your photos into and they show up on the thread beautifully:flowers:
  10. ^ Yes!!! That is a great reminder to all Nola!
  11. HEEHEEHEEHEE... when I saw the title of the thread, I actually thought something happened to Vlad's thumbnails! :lol:

    As far as the pics go, I attach them first and post. Then I open the pics and copy and paste them into a reply...
  12. the only problem w/ that is when you remove your photos, we can't see them anymore. . . so if you're posting a photo for reference to something then delete it from Photobucket, it's gone forever here as well :sad:
  13. It is all a bummer of sorts...

    Possibly going to try to bring back the thumbs!!
  14. Ooh I want this back so bad too...:tender:

  15. ahahaha! i thought the same thing too initially! :shame:

    i miss the thumbs too. i'd gladly pay a small membership fee to get them back!