Sore throat, voice loss

  1. Okay, today is the second day since I "lost" my voice due to a bad sore throat:sad: No fever, no cough, no runny-nose whatsoever, just no voice - strange:confused1: Anyway, I attended the Sunday Mass without participating Holy Communion as I have not gone for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession). That sets me thinking, what if my voice is not back for a long long time, how to go for confession?:crybaby:
  2. Sounds like it might be strep, you should probably get a culture if it doesn't improve in a day or 2.

    In the meantime try some tea with honey.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.
  3. Thanks twinkle.tink :smile:
    *sigh* only when it's taken away from me then I realised I should have cherished what I've taken for granted all this while~ I want my voice back:hysteric:
  4. awwwwwww sweet heart .. i hope u feel better soon .. *hugz*
  5. I hope that you feel better soon! Try drinking some tea with honey in it? So that it will soothe and coat your throat/
  6. In the mean time, you had best not do anything that needs confessing :biggrin: ;)

    Actually, have you tried a sip of whisky or brandy? My nan swears by it for colds & the like. Wrap up arm & keep your throat snug at all times, you'll be back to normal in no time.
  7. Oh, I'm going through this right now! Each time I try to say my prayers, even silently, my throat is in so much pain! After two weeks of no voice, I went to my ENT and he stuck this nasty tube up my nose that went down my throat and said that my vocal chords were inflamed and cramped from talking with a sore throat. So now I'm on valium at night and I'm loading up on cod liver oil (it's anti-inflammatory). There's some difference, so I'm sticking to this treatment, but boy, is it aggravating!
  8. P.S. Feel better soon, and do not, under any circumstances, speak unless absolutely necessary. That's how I've got messed up vocal chords now. tell your co-workers and anyone else your doctor has said complete voice rest and write what you need to say. And you'd be surprised how much you can let go of saying when your voice needs rest! :smile:
  9. Thanks ladies.... I really appreciate all your advice :flowers:

    ParkAvenuePrincess, you're right :shame:

    Amina, Wow! I didn't know that talking with a bad sore throat will lead to more damage:sad: Difficult not to speak at all as I have 2 little ones running around the house creating all sorts of mess and I can't stand messy stuff:yucky: Does valium helps? I thought it's a sleeping pill?

    lamiastella, tea with honey, YES mdm!:cutesy:

    Chloe, thank you :flowers:
  10. valium helps me because my vocal chords are cramped up. but it's making me groggy and cranky and I don't think you want to get to that point.

    Can you get in some help with the kids? If not, just try and accept the mess, or that you'll be cleaning it up. The kids might even step up to the plate and clean up when you don't talk to them. It has been known to happen! :smile:
  11. I've had laringytis twice and it's MOST unpleasant! (I had the one where I had no voice and when I tried to speak, my vocal chords hurt.)

    I was working at Starbucks at the time, so I'd mark cups and hand them over (instead of calling drinks).

    I remember when I made a drink (one of those holiday lattes) for someone at the bar and handed it to her. I put whipped cream on the drink and she said she didn't want any. I wanted to tell her the drink came with that, but since I had no voice, I whispered to another partner what I wanted to say and then he relayed the message.

    Maybe you could write down your confessions, or think them. Just don't try to talk until your voice comes back.

    (And just think . . . when your voice gradually comes back, you'll get this sexy sounding lounge singer voice!)
  12. *hugs* hope you feel much better soon, drink lots and lots of warm drinks.
    husband gets a few lemons and takes the juice and mixes it with honey,he says it helps alot.can't hurt ^_^
    and as they said to stay away from talking much :/ lol not easy with kids as you said! I totally get you ;)

    best wishes to you :heart:
  13. I hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My freshman year of high school I got laringytis 5 times!!!! And each time my voice would be gone for around a week. I went to the doctor the first couple of times and they couldn't really give me any actual reason why it was happening. They told me just to assume that my voice decided it wanted a break :upsidedown: . It happened off and on over the next couple of years.

    Then I started getting REALLY bad sore throats. (I would go through a bottle of Ibuprohen in one week!!! *hint hint-this clearly goes against the recommended dosage, but that's how much pain I was in). Finally during my junior year of college my ear-nose-and throat doctor told me I need to have my tonsils removed. Since I've had them removed it's been fine.

    So to rap up my long story....if by any chance you still have your tonsils, you may want to think about having them checked out.

    Either way, try and find a ear-nose-and throat specialist, they may be able to help you better than regular MD. Hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks gals :heart:
    update : Good news is my voice is 90% back... now's the husky+sexy stage... heh heh :graucho: just like what caitlin1214 said ;)
    Bad news is now my throat hurts like hell!:yucky: There's a small ulcer on the wall of my throat... I think I'll need antibiotic very soon.:hysteric:

    btw, is tonsils removal painful???
  15. Getting your tonsils out is not that hard. Usual recovery time will be around 10 days give or take. (that doesn't mean you'll be laid up in bed for a full 10 days, but you won't be your full self).

    When you wake up after the surgery you throat will hurt a little, but you will still feel pretty good from all the drugs. I was fine the first day, I went home and passed out, by the way it's out patient, you'd be home the same afternoon. I was fine for the first 2 or 3 days, my throat hurt and I was really tired, but ok. Unfortunately one side effect that most patients get is SERIOUS jaw pain around the 3rd or 4th day. This is from the doctors having the open you mouth so far and all the banging around they do to get them out. I was in tears, but I put an ice pack on it and helped, within a few hours of it starting, it went away. They give you plenty of pain meds (most likely in liquid form), but my medicine had codene (sp?) in it and it was giving me wicked nightmares, so after the third day I just started taking over the counter pain pills and had no trouble swallowing them.

    You have to eat light for a few days. I went and stocked up on my fav. ice cream and lived off of that for a week and I still lost 5 pounds or so. By around the 4th day I started going out of the house for short trips, cause I got tired really quickly. Each day will be better than the last. By around 2 weeks post-op I went to a party and was fine.

    Your voice will be kind of "weird" until you recover and you might have problems opening your mouth real wide.

    But to be truthfully honest I've been through a lot worse pain and it was the best thing I've ever done. I haven't had to go back to the doc. since my post-op appointment. And I still sometimes get sore throats, but the are 1/4 as bad as they were. And I haven't lost my voice in over 2 years.

    WOW that ended up being a LONG rant. Sorry. Like I said it could be something to check out if you still have your tonsils. But you could still go to a ear-nose-and throat specialist to see is something is going on in there.