Sore Tender Nipples & Breasts

  1. I breasfed my daughter for a year and stopped 7 months ago. Ever since then my entire breasts area and especially the back of nipples are very sore. I only feel this soreness when something is rubbed against me like carrying my children or sleeping on my front or side. I also occassionaly have a bit of a milk discharge. This pain is similar to the pms bloated feeling. I've been to the doctor and had a blood test done on prolactin and also a mammogram done recently and no news was good news.

    Starting at a very young age, I alwayss experience heavy bloated pms pain to my breasts prior to my period. I will be seeing a breast specialist next week and probably get an ultrasound done this time. The last time I saw him, he said that it is normal that some women experience this due to hormones.

    I was wondering if anyone ever experienced this. Thank you.
  2. Didn't you just find out you were pregnant recently?

    That could cause the if you were already have problems, it could be making them worse.