Sore Tender Nipples & Breasts

  1. I breastfed my daughter for a year and stopped 7 months ago but my breasts and nipples has been very sore since. I don't usually feel it until I rub agains something like when I am carrying the kids or sleeping, like rubbing on the side on the front. It's the same kind of pms pain and occassionally I still have a bit of discharge. I had a mammogram done and a blood test for prolactin and both results came back with no news which is good news. I went to see a specialist in my obgyn office and he says that it does happen in some women that we just tend to have tender breast due to hormones. I was wondering if any experienced this.
  2. maybe try posting in the pregnancy and parenting forum?
  3. Well, I guess it may be due to hormonal imbalance. Another thing is that your breasts, particularly nipples, may be hypersensitive. In my case, I make sure to have the best bra and nipple covers that suit my breasts well. You may apply nipple cream to alleviate the problem. Just be sure to get the right and safe one. :yes: