Sore eye on my 2 1/2 month old boy :(

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  1. Hey Girls!

    well i recently flew back home to DH from my parents was a 7 hour im back and our house was a bit dusty.. (Was away for 5 months and occasionally had a part-time helper come and clean up the house) .. so anyways, my little one now has tears in one eye and then it becomes this yellow mucas-y thing...! im soo freaked out..its been about 12 hours..ive been dabbing moist cotton wool every two hours... and still, its not improving...i heard i should put breast milk on it?? half of me wants to send him to the ped, and half of me is scared cause i dont know anyone good here yet! so im kind of on the fence..does anyone know what to do?!

    his eye is not red or anything yet..just seems slightly smaller than the other eye....someone help!
  2. Little ones often get yucky stuff from their eyes and if his eye is not red or swollen or anything like that I wouldn't worry. Just clean it off when you see anything with a wet cotton ball from the inside to the outside and keep an eye on it.
  3. Yes breast milk could work a treat! Put it this way I have done it with 2 of mine and it seemed to help. It certainly can't hurt, if its just a bit irritated or has some dirt in it. If it gets worse then i would go to the doctors. You may also need to cut down a bit on trying to clean it as it may clean itself as such, eyes are quite good at self cleaning. Hope this helps!
  4. it may be a blocked tear take him to the doctor an check..GL!Let us know how u make out
  5. my oldest used to get that does sound like a blocked tear duct. i was told by his ped. to massage right under the tear duct and to squirt some breast milk in there. and to use a clean,damp cotton ball to clean away the guu. it cleared up in about 2 days.
  6. warm compresses w/ a very warm damp washrag and call the pedi, he may need antibiotic eye drops.
  7. It sounds like it's probably a blocked tear duct, which is pretty common. My son had one (or both) almost constantly for the first 3 months or so, and my friend's baby still gets it at 10 mo. Most babies grow out of it by a year at the latest. Warm compresses are the first thing to try, and massage. I had heard conflicting things about whether the massage should be up or down, and this article mentions that apparently different doctors believe different things, so either way is acceptable:

    If it gets really crusty or is collecting the goo frequently, you'll need the drops that Swanky mentioned. The drops don't actually clear the blockage, so our doctor only had us use them when it got really bad. There were times that I'd have to wipe DS's eye every 15 minutes or so.
  8. I would visit the doc too, but breast milk seems to be an all around "fix it" miracle liquid! ;)
  9. This is all new to me! What else can you use breast milk for?