1. I just made a purchase yesterday of buying Sorbonne bag for myself for my uni bag

    Befor, I thought i was going to take neguev bag from nomade line, but it is too much hastle, then i decided to do custom order but it will take 6 months - 1 year and i need it now.

    So my SA just went back from holiday and she called me to come to the store to discuss about the bag further, but she told me there is a similar concept bag with neguev bag, and she found sorbonne bag from epi line.

    My budget was 3500-4000 before but it was down just 3000 which is i fell what the.. without thinking twice, i purchased that bag yesterday. My SA been using that bag for at least 9 years and still so damn GUUUUUDDDDDD.

    Just give u the idea, sorbonne bag is like big briefcase bag with chic style and shape, it is finishing with the dark gray kinda suede material inside ( man-made interior lining ) and also with golden brass.

    just wanna share this with you guys. :smile:

  2. Congrats, share pictures!
  3. PICTURES! lol
  4. here are some pictures of my bag. hope you enjoy them
    P1020006.JPG P1020007.JPG P1020008.JPG P1020010.JPG
  5. Wow, gorgeous bag - and it looks absolutely indestructible, it should be great for school. Enjoy!
  6. omg. it looks damnnn good.
  7. you probably know this already, but Sorbonne is the oldest University in France right at the heart of Paris :yes: anyhoo.... enjoy your new purchase :smile:
  8. Yeap, I knew that. My SA told me befor I decided I bought it. I like to hear story or sumthin unique befvor I decided to but sumthin :biggrin:

    Thx for the response guys
  9. Funny you mentioned that! I went to la Sorbonne - Sciences Po. when I studied in Paris back in college. I lived in Paris for 8 months. I loved it and Sciences Po. is one the greatest Universities in the world for international studies and diplomacy.

    I wanna go back !!!!!!!!!:heart: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :heart:

    P.S. If I would go back though, I'd take that indestructible bag too ! :yahoo:
  10. Gorgeous bag, congrats and I hope you have fun at Sorbonne
  11. I don't think she's going to the Sorbonne icechick! lol That's funny though! :roflmfao: The name is really cute for a bag :P
  12. Wow! This bag is a stunner!
    I don't think I've ever seen it before.
    What's the measurements? Is it heavy?
    Congratulations! It is an amazing bag :wow:
  13. Oh, I read it too fast, just saw Sorbonne, uni and then got all excited over Sciences Po, lol. Anyway, have fun at uni
  14. That briefcase/ bag will last you for a while. Looks VERY professional like an executive!
  15. LoL I thought the same - no worries, I've done that like a gazillion times too :graucho: