Sorbet Velo, desperately seeking, anyone seen?

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  1. Desperately seeking Sorbet Velo, pink is my favorite color & I don't want to miss out on this one! Has anyone heard or seen of one available? Most wonderful bag karma to anyone who can help!! Thank you!! :smile:
  2. Thanks, NYCavalier! I saw your post yesterday and emailed them. The customer rep said they only have cities, and are not carrying velos. I tried to call today to double check but the phone doesn't answer.
  3. weird! I knew it was listed as a city, but I know that is a pic of a velo... just figured they made a mistake, oh well! Other than browns I have not seen a sorbet velo yet, but I will let you know if I do!
  4. there was a gch sorbet city at balny a couple weeks ago...good luck on your search! i love the velo's such a great bag
  5. Thanks, anmldr1! I am actually looking for classic HW - forgot to say! I agree, Velos are great!

  6. I would ask them for the measurements. The pics are definitely Velos on their website even though they call them Cities.
  7. They list the measurements as Width 13 Inches Height 12 Inches Depth 4 Inches - which is interesting because while it's closer to the city's measurements, it doesn't match either bag.

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  9. bump. Should say I'm hoping to find this in the USA, because of issues with customs and giving ss#.
  10. Rafaello Network has one listed
  11. C'mon, Sorbet RH Velo, come home to momma! I know you are out there somewhere, from somewhere where I won't have to deal with customs (I don't mind paying customs, just refuse to give out ss#)!!! :party:
  12. I kind of gave up finding one and ended up getting a sorbet PT. I actually prefer the PT over the velo. Have you considered the town? Aloha rag got some in a few days ago.
  13. The Rafaello Network still has the Sorbet velo listed. Better snatch it up as fast as you can! I was just on the phone with BalNY looking for Anthracite Velo and they said that the Velo is sold out and put me on the waitlist.:sad: I fell in love with it yesterday at Barneys but they had it in Sahara, which is a nice color but not the color for me cause I'd ruin it in like 5 seconds, lol.
  14. ^ I purchased my anthracite velo from aloha rag, you should try and give them a call