Sorbet RGGH vs Bubblegum CGH - HELP!

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  1. girls, i have just ordered a couple of things from Erica (clutch & first). sadly, DH vetoed my choices as i'm currently expecting and he reckons small bags are no longer practical.

    so he suggested that i get a City instead. im contemplating Bubblegum CGH City but i have already pre-ordered Sorbet RGGH City ages ago and I only want to have one pink bbag in my collection.

    please help me decide........ do you think sorbet is too strong combined with RGGH? i have to let Erica know ASAP.. thanks heaps!
  2. Sorbet City with RGGH is gorgeous. If I had to choose between Bubblegum and Sorbet, I'd stick with Sorbet.
  3. Definitely, Sorbet..............such a POP of color!
  4. Of course, Sorbet RGGH!!!
  5. I love Bubblegum, so I vote for the CGH City. It's a light pink and not so bright. I guess it all depends what you like. I searched high and low for my Bubblegum RH City and I was not disappointed.
    Good luck!
  6. Sorbet.
  7. Sorbet, such a pretty colour!
  8. Sorbet for me! Such a pretty pretty color!
  9. You mean bgum 05? I would get that if it's available because it's so hard to find - but pale so maybe not practical with a little one? LOVE sorbet. Have been waiting for the perfect pink while waiting for an 05. Have a sorbet city, and am waiting on a sorbet twiggy and velo, in fact! (fingers crossed.)
  10. Definitely Sorbet!
  11. Sorbet.
  12. Sorbet
  13. Sorbet
  14. another vote for sorbet... ;) no doubts
  15. i personally love Sorbet cuz methinks Bubblegum is "too pale"