Sopranos the other night - LV reference

  1. Did anyone happen to see The Sopranos the other night when Tony gave Carmella LV wallet filled with cash? Well I found it annoying when he said "this is the real Louis Vuitton" - like did Carmella actually think he bought her a fake one? LOL and then just for the show to acknowledge that there are so many fakes, too. Also-was it just me or did he pronounce it weird too? lol

    On a side note, my husband looked at me on that part and said "Would you die, Coll?" Hahaha!:lol:
  2. I LOVED THAT!!! My DH looked at me and we both laughed!!!
  3. Love, love, love the Sopranos. Did you also catch when Carmella and Ro were talking about hitting the shops - Carmella said "...and a new Kelly bag pour moi."
  4. YES!!! I was like "You GO, CARM!!!" :lol:
  5. Haha! :roflmfao: