"Sophmore" Chanel Bag...help me decide =)

  1. So I've been dying to buy my second Chanel bag. I've been an LV gal for a long time, and got my first Chanel a few months ago. I got a Cambon Large Tote with the black patent Cs. I'm hooked and want 100 more Chanel bags! lol But I'll settle for just my second one. So now I'm looking for something that is classic Chanel. My only must is that it has to have the chain handles. I was on the waitlist for a bronze cotton club bowler, but I passed on it thinking it may not be "classic" enough and the color isn't the best match for my waldrobe. So any thoughts? What is a (starter) Chanel must-have? (Which is the "monogram Speedy 30" of Chanel if you will...lol) If you gals help me decide, I promise to post pictures when I get it. :yes: Also, I would love to see pics too...being that I don't know the names of the different Chanel bags (yet). Thanks!!!!!

    P.S. I've also gotten a white J12 33mm, $200 Chanel flipflops (DH thinks that was crazy), Chanel nail polish and make-up... LOVE THEM ALL! I think I'm on my way to Chanelville, yoohooooooo...
  2. I love the classic flap...that was my first...I am thinking of the cabas or the new reporter as my second.
  3. The classic flap on your avatar, I presume. Quite lovely!!! =)
  4. ^^yes! thanks! hehe..haven't taken it out yet...waiting for the right time lol
  5. the classic flap is a chanel must!!!
  6. Really??? How funny! I love it in white, although I think I'm too rough on my bags. What other colors do they come in? :drool:
  7. I think it depends on your style. For me, I wasn't inot the LV Speedy's since I like bags that I can shoulder carry. So I ended up with the Papillion as my first LV.

    With Chanel, I also wanted the timeless classic. But I just don't like the flap bags for some reason. I like structured totes more then I like the flaps. But since I already had a LV tote, I bought the modern Chain hobo. I love the modern chain ligne. They are so comfortable to carry.

    The new soft and chain bags look super cute, and I think will end up being pretty timeless, as more and more people seem to be falling in love with them.

    But if you want Absolute Timeless Chanel, like the LV Speedy, I'd go classic flap if you like the style.
  8. Your "sophomore bag"--very cute post!
    It sounds like we have the same taste! My first Chanel was a large Cambon tote w/ black patent on black! For my second, I tried the Vintage Ligne tote, but decided it wasn't classic enough and back she went. I then purchased the Grand Shopper in brown (which has the chain handles!) and loooove this bag. If you want a larger bag I suggest the GST, for a smaller bag I suggest a large classic flap.
  9. How about a Grand Shopper if you want a large bag? Or a classic flap if you want a smaller bag?
  10. ^I agre w/ Annie.

    Chanel's equivalent to LV's Speedy is the Classic Flap. But if you need more space, check out the Grand Shopping Tote - LOADS of Chanel for the $!!!
  11. shmoo, thanks...I looked up the modern Chain hobo...nice!!! I didn't find the ligne yet, but will look. Seems like the classic may be the consensus. I appreciate the advice! =)
  12. Oh my goodness, Pink! How funny!!!! I'm definitely going to check out the Grand Shopper in brown then. lol Won't that be funny if I go with that one?! :yes:
  13. Intlset and Swanky, thanks! So the Grand Shopper is just the larger version of the classic flap?
  14. I vote classic flap...definitely a must!! :yes:
  15. NO, a Grand Shopping Tote, isn't a flap.
    It's a big tote - open :yes
    VERY classic though and roomier than a Flap. . . Flaps aren't for me, so this is a great alternative for something very classic.