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  1. i was just on it about to pre-order a whiskey paddington, and i'm filling out the form and i submit my info and i get a pop up that says i'm not connected to and that someone else was intercepting my connection and might be trying to obtain my information. it asked if i was sure i wanted to connect anyway.

    so i quickly cancelled out of that.

    that is sooo scary, i was using mozilla firebird as my web browser, anyone else out there get this scary message? i'm going to try to fill it out with internet explorer and see what happens.

  2. Fay,

    I would be afraid too and not do that on line. Call her do the transaction over the phone there is a phone # on her site. Its great talking to her. If you can't locate the # let me know.
  3. ok, i tried using the internet explorer as my browser and i didn't get the message. but i cancelled out anyway, too chicken. yeah, i think i will give her a call. it said i was being intercepted by starfieldtechologies inc. or something similar. totally weird. i hope when i call her, it's really her too and not someone pretending to be her. i've been watching too much of 24. anyone watch that show? i'm addicted to it.

    ok nevermind. i'll shut up now. i'll call her tomorrow. is she available on weekends?
  4. Is this site trustworthy (I mean usually)? I'd never heard of it before, they certainly have a lot of merchandise.
  5. I dealt with SS twice and never had a problem. Sounds like Fay may have been followed on line somehow but Lynda is sweet and will tell her what to do.

    24...I am so hooked, last weekend was a marathon!!! Guess who watched every one of them.