Sophisticated Vicky B

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  2. lookin elegant as always :smile: she seems so annoyed by the paparazzi :'(
    Can't blame her.
  3. I still love her. I always wonder what lipstick and lipliner she wears.
  4. she looks too overly spray tanned and too gaunt in the face for me. Its really aging on her.
    Great coat though ;)
  5. she looks great.
  6. i loooooooooove:heart: her haircut ... .. but the look on her face? :shrugs:
  7. i love her.. but i love her more with hermes bags :smile:
  8. Love the hair, coat, bag and boots!
  9. love her haircut.........
  10. One of the best dressed like always. Does she have a perpetual toothache. She always looks like her mouth hurts. Sorry nobody shoot me!
  11. She is so gorgeous :smile:
  12. Thanks for helping me realize why she always looks like that - now I get it!
    Next I have to figure out why everyone loves her so much:confused1:
  13. She loves that bag! Gorgeous.
  14. Her clothes,shoes, and bags are invariably TDF but she herself..not so much. I think she looks terribly fake and unhappy.
  15. her clothes are great, but as madamefifi said, she looks unhappy!