Sophisticated Spirit No Longer Carry Chloe

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  1. Well, Girls, looks like we won this one. Sophisticated Spirit no longer carry Chloe. They finally got busted for selling fake Paddingtons. I guess Bagsnob got it right.
  2. Yup, it's no longer listed! :lol:

    Borsa Bella is not selling any Chloe neither? :huh:
  3. Either that or they decided it wasn't worth the trouble.
  4. One victory, only thousands of other dealers to go, we can do it one at a time, who's next?
  5. Yes, I was just about to post that. :amazed:
  6. Someone should email her and ask about paddys, saying they are interested and see what she says.
  7. Ha ha ha... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. borsa bella emailed me and told me that she found out her wholesaler was selling her fakes and said that she hadn't had any idea. believe her if you want to.
  9. should be banned too. They are selling fake Chloe paddington.

  10. This whole things was so crazy, I cant believe that they both stopped selling Chloe because of blogs like us who investigate this. But what about the other bags they sell? If she didnt know I do feel bad but how could you not know.
  11. That's interesting, so she was selling fakes the whole time.. and wasn't aware ? That seems kind of silly that none of the bags were brought to be authenticated by Chloe directly or the such.

  12. These are pretty bad fakes. Did Chloe ever even make a lime green paddy ?
  13. Lime green? lol Oh my... :suspiciou
  14. I got cheated by is before they started selling those weird colors. I can't believe these websites dare to claim 100% authenticity....isn't that totally illegal?
  15. yeah you'd think that she would do more than just take someone's word for it.