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  1. "If it don't fit, you must acquit!"...By Johnny Cockrine.
  2. Sophisticated Spirit is threatening legal action because she, Lynda Higgins, has a relative who is a partner at a law firm, Nagle and Higgins. She has free resources so why not take advantage in order to protect her lucrative business of selling fake bags at real prices? To me, her using legal muscle does not convince me that her bags are real. She is bullying a blog and gambling on the fact that they have no resources to fight her, being that blogs are generally a low to no income operation. She just better hope that they don't have a relative in law enforcement, like the FBI, who will take down her site and send her to jail.
  3. OT, my sister-in-law who is a paralegal "student" (no offense to real paralegals), regularly sends letters claiming to be an attorney with a bunch of legalese mumbo-jumbo when her bill collectors are knocking on the door. Of course, what she fails to recognize each time is that the bill collectors have real attorneys who ask for her bar license. She always freaks out, and then stops answering their calls!

    I've personally communicated with Lynda (she PM'ed me on a different forum), and she claims that she "took all the pictures herself", and that in the past she made a "mistake" by purchasing from fake bag suppliers (thinking that they were authentic bag suppliers). She claims that she refunded the money of everyone who was duped into buying a fake bag, and that she now only works with reliable suppliers.

    I think it is incredibly shady that she had pics from NAP on her site, and quickly took them down once Vlad called her on it. I also sent Vlad a pic of an obviously fake Fendi spy bag from the SS website.

    I used to think she was sincere in her ignorance, but I pointed out to her a month ago that it is her responsibility as a small business owner to make sure that her goods are authentic. It is not my responsibility to worry about your feelings or your business, but yours entirely.

    So instead of doing that, she's threatening with litigation. I think I may just have to place a call to that 800 line to report her site.

    Lynda, I know that you're reading this: we have pictures taken from the SS site that were stolen from NAP. We have pictures of fake bags from your site. I know of at least one person who purchased a bag from you, compared it to their authentic bag, and was able to clearly tell that the bag you sold her was fake.
  4. Thank you so much for that information! I don't suppose you could scan the article for us? :idea:
  5. Let's give this a rest, ladies.
  6. After recent events, I have decided to re-open this thread.

    Please see this thread regarding recent events surrounding SS.
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