Sophisticated Spirit - My Brown Paddington

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  1. Hope these came out ok. Greenie and I purchased from Sophisticated Spirit. My tag inside the bag didn't come out clear enough to post. What do you think? Legit?

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  2. baglady,

    Yes there is also a phone # to talk to the owner if you wish to order over the phone.
  3. how do the zippers feel? are they smooth? does the lock and key work smoothly? and is the lock solid and heavy? it does look real to me. the leather is soft and pebbly?
  4. Fayden,

    Zippers are smooth I know I won't use them though, lock works smoothly is heavy but not too bad. Leather mushy and pebbly so soft I would like to make this bag my pillow. Looks pretty stiff in pic's I think because I just took out the stuffing.
  5. congrats!! :smile:
    looks good .....
    I am so happy for you :biggrin:
  6. it's the real deal i think.
  7. Thanks, we can never be too sure when purchasing on line.
  8. Serendipity...I'm glad your happy. I love that brown! I'm jealous!

    I also like the green. NM in Atlanta does have many colors. I recently bought a pair of green frey harness boots. I'm wondering where I could see the green to compare.
  9. Great color...great've got the real thing.
  10. Greenie, Now thats a question for the novice. I haven't seen the green anywhere some shades are great! I still haven't used this paddy but I agree the brown is nice. I also love the black and since I didn't get that I need another bag. Oh my do we ever stop.
  11. Ginger, Thanks so much I have been stressing over the authenticity thing. I love your pup!

  12. I've got the khaki green Paddington coming to me from Sophisticated Spirit. As far as I'm concerned any bag is better if its in green -- any green. I love GREEN!
  13. Greenie! There's your answer green is green and the bag will look great. Order from SS you can always return it. I agree with Issmom.
  14. Your brown paddy looks dark burgundy!! I LOVE IT!!
  15. Here are some pictures of my brown paddy too. Looks the same to me.

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