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  1. :heart: because i love it!!! the cutest little bag....anybody else?!!:love: mine came str8 from japan! :yahoo:

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  2. i so want this bag, then i can join the club.

    your baby is just too cute! never too young for LV.
  3. :love: mine...

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  4. The bag is soo cute hope to join the club too next year when the bag is available in Europe
  5. you're sooo lucky! congrats on the bag! you know... LV's sales would sky rocket to an all time high if they used your beautiful daughter as models for all their bags! honestly! I've seen sooo many photos of your daughter modelling LVs & they are absolutely gorgeous pics! who ever said that LV is older people obviously dont know what they're talking about!
  6. Sophie is really a great purse....maybe I will give up Azur speedy for it :confused1:
  7. i so want one now
  8. This must be the cutest LV bag ever! :love:
  9. Picked mine up at Waikiki last night!!! Lovely bag...Going to use it to Xmas dinner tomorrow!!!
  10. Gratz! Hopefully i can get my hand on one b4 summer as 866 rep confirmed it will be introduce to USA no later than summer :smile:
  11. I'm in!

  12. no fair:crybaby: i love her and can't have her:crybaby:
  13. I want one. :drool:
  14. i want one too. i didnt like it at first but now i cant take my eyes off it. i think it looks really nice with the long strap, wearing the bag across the body.
  15. just wondering..I thought this was in the clubhouse? I'd love to see everyone else's sophies!